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Apr 13, 2012
Bunting opposes Rehoboth ocean outfall

I have been an outspoken critic for many years of Rehoboth Beach pumping treated sewer/water into the canal. This process, even though deemed safe, was like a farmer spreading fertilizer in the Rehoboth Bay, causing plant life to grow and choke out other aquatic life.

I do not support again the cheaper way of disposing of treated sewer water with the potential of mechanical failure and other unforeseen things that could in any way contaminate ocean waters off Rehoboth Beach. Ocean waters today off Rehoboth must absorb flushing of the vast Delaware Bay and daily ship traffic. We know once this outfall project is approved and millions spent, it is a done deal!

My suggestion is to land apply for the following reasons:

• Technology will change and land application would be flexible when it does
• Water would not be taken from the ground and millions of gallons not returned
• To preserve hundreds of acres of land not to be development and safe zone for the future
• To partner with the county where more public scrutiny and visibility will take place.

None of us has a crystal ball, but to harm what generations have enjoyed for so long and to pass along to future generations a potential negative health and economic impact that can be avoided is not right.
Sen. George Howard Bunting Jr.
Bethany Beach

Tired of Positive Growth Alliance spin

The old adage, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" is the sole reason I force myself to listen, when I can, to a certain local afternoon radio program on Mondays.  I come away amazed at how Rich Collins of the Positive Growth Alliance continues to rant and rave about such a wide variety of topics. He truly believes his knowledge, or should I say "the spin" he uses to impart his so-called knowledge, is the answer to Delaware's woes. If Mr. Collins really has the answers to all of our problems, maybe he could go to Washington, D.C. and help them out too.

Mr. Collins is always quick to throw out scenarios and dire predictions as a result, and "folks," his spin on everything he talks about is very obvious.  Mr. Collins is a great believer in things like property rights and that is to be expected; the PGA is made up of developers and large property owners.  He also is a great supporter of business owners and the like.

Let me be very clear that any fool knows business is needed to ensure our economic stability.  Any fool knows that if you own property, you have certain rights.  
However, Mr. Collins and his group, the PGA, fail to consider the impact of when some rights are allowed to infringe on other peoples' rights. All new business is not good when it has a negative effect on surrounding communities and the people living there, and all development is not good when it is not supported by the infrastructure, and the impact on surrounding communities is not always good. Sussex County needs a more controlled and common-sense approach to both these situations so that residents already living here are not adversely affected by them.

Last, but not least, I heard part of his recent commentary on a bill he was quite upset about.  It is a bill about new requirements for lobbyists and their responsibilities. Mr. Collins doesn't want the "folks" to find out who the lobbyists are talking to and about what they are talking and how much money they are contributing to who they are talking to. Why not, Mr. Collins? Isn't it time for the "folks" to know what power those lobbyists have at Legislative Hall?

Yes, we need to always keep the freedom of free speech, but those who speak up about issues should let the public know who they are, and who they work for.  The "folks" in Delaware don't, generally speaking, have any lobbyists speaking up for their rights, so they need to know what the lobbyists are supporting and to understand how it might affect them.  As usual, his concern was supported by an outrageous contention that five years later a lobbyist would be subject to punishment if something he spoke to a legislator about ended up being made into a bill and someone remembered it and was going to report him.  Really, Mr. Collins, you are stretching it. Our legislators are paid by us to discuss possible bills to help us and pass laws to implement them, and lobbyists?  They are paid (many times) by specific organizations and groups to get laws passed that they want, which are not always in the public's best interest. This bill would help level the playing field and let us know who the players are and that would be a good thing for the "folks." Don't you think?
Dorothy Boucher

Henlopen Acres needs to rezone RAL parcel

We are heartened to have read that, as part of a Comprehensive Development Planning process for Henlopen Acres, state of Delaware officials now say Henlopen Acres officials should explore a special zoning for Rehoboth Art League.  The state added that the town’s proposed comprehensive plan review “is deficient” in protecting the art league, the region’s major cultural asset.

This has been a baffling and ongoing battle. The current residential zoning for the art league makes no sense. (Why is a major cultural institution zoned residential?)
This has cast the Henlopen Acres city administration in a most unfortunate light – and one that, to many observers, makes the Henlopen Acres community appear as elitist, exclusionary and anti-art. As we know many fine friends who live in the community, we know this is - in the large majority - simply not true.

Finally, Mayor Wanda Davis and her commissioners have a “long overdue” chance to fix the problem with Cultural/Historical Zoning. Thanks to the state for so strongly suggesting it be quickly enacted.
Stanley and Betsey Heuisler
Rehoboth Beach

Miltonians should decide own future


Mayor Newlands, you and council and the town have many committees working on behalf of your efforts and all of us here in Milton.  They are made up of so many talented people.  We have citizens from all walks of life, diverse experience, some retired, others still active in the workforce, but all are volunteering to help you and council help make Milton an increasingly wonderful place to live.

My questions is, why won't you allow all of us and yourself included, to benefit from a special committee assigned to tackle the water-system improvement issue?  We wouldn't be looking for the committee to come up with the answer to the problem, but my goodness, a talented group could certainly task consultants with producing plans for us on this issue.  Such a special committee could also research all that our own University of Delaware might offer and at no cost.  After all, they produced a study released in 2008 on Milton and its water system.

You waste this town's human capital, Mr. Mayor.  You are our mayor and you are my neighbor and look, so many would like to support you, but you keep turning your back on an asset that so enriches our town.  That asset is our town's citizens.  It would cost this town absolutely nothing for you to appoint a special committee or as some have called it, a task force.  Such a group would address (not solve) our town's needed improvements to our water system.  Please let us help determine our town's future, Mr. Mayor.  This is all that is being asked of you.
Lorraine Wasserman

Vote for Dennis Reardon May 12 in Lewes

I am writing in support of Dennis Reardon's candidacy for the Lewes City Council.  I can't imagine there is a better candidate than Dennis.

I have known Dennis for more than 50 years.  He is bright, personable, hardworking and pragmatic.  Because of these characteristics and other attributes, Dennis was appointed as the chief master for the Family Court of the state of Delaware and served in that position for 15 years.  Subsequent to that job, Dennis had an executive position for 17 years with an organization that helped educate developmentally disabled individuals.

Dennis has a great love for Lewes as I do.  We both started vacationing in Lewes as children, and now Lewes is Dennis' residence.  I recently worked with Dennis on the Bay Avenue project where he made a considerable contribution through his singular effort, superior interpersonal skills and lots of common sense.

Please vote for Dennis Reardon Saturday, May 12.    
Joe Kelly
Wilmington and Lewes

Landon deserves Lewes vote May 12

William Landon is running for election as a councilman in Lewes.  I'm writing as someone who has known Mr. Landon for 50 years.  I think I can best summarize Mr. Landon with three words: integrity (moral soundness), industry (hardworking) and initiative (a man of enterprise).  As Bill's brother-in-law I speak from a close and personal view of the man.  I would ask you to vote for Bill Saturday, May 12.
Rev. Dr. John H. Evans

Candidate Landon is a hero with a heart

When my father retired from his federal government career and returned to Lewes he assumed the personal care of his disabled older brother. His brother is a medically discharged Marine Corps veteran who served during the Vietnam era. Today my veteran uncle  requires help in almost every facet of his life. My father does his laundry, grocery shops for him once a week, dispenses his medication, takes him to all his medical appointments, oversees his expenses and last year had a new home built for him.

My father's care and concern for his brother is a reflection of his character. He is a man who takes responsibility seriously, is trustworthy and uses sound judgment to solve problems. My father's name is Bill Landon. He is a candidate for Lewes City Council. If elected, he will serve the people of Lewes with the same dedication he serves his brother.

When I asked my father why he was willing to take up so much of his retirement time caring for his brother he said “I am my brother's keeper.” I was privileged to grow up as Bill Landon's daughter, in the home of a military hero with a heart.
Brittany Landon Hoeller

Romney right choice for state, nation

Your reporting on the upcoming election has suggested that Mitt Romney may be the eventual Republican nominee. What may not be as clear to readers are the reasons that Romney, and not another candidate, is the right man to lead our country as this moment.

Our economy is under assault from President Obama’s efforts to transform it into a European-style welfare state.

While other candidates have spent their lives in government as the beneficiaries of taxpayer dollars, only Romney has led a successful career helping new companies get started and producing thousands of jobs.

Further, his success in business and his command of the issues make him the candidate most likely to defeat Barack Obama in November. And when it comes to foreign policy, Romney is proud of America’s greatness.

Mitt Romney is the right choice for our state and our nation.
Alex Arnold
Rehoboth Beach


Everyone encouraged to vote for Ron Paul

As a reader who has followed your reporting on the imminent election here, I write to share information that has been missing in your coverage. Your readers deserve to know that Rep. Ron Paul offers the only responsible choice for restoring our state and nation to greatness.

While both President Obama and Gov. Romney have supported bailouts and unaffordable healthcare plans, only Ron Paul has stood steadfast in his commitment to free enterprise. Paul will eliminate our foreign entanglements that have plundered American blood and treasure. And only Paul is committed to ending the “nanny state” that seeks to have government dictate every aspect of our lives. Our economy and our country can only be restored when government gives individuals back responsibility for their own lives.

I urge everyone reading this to vote for Ron Paul.
Michael Thompson
Rehoboth Beach

President Obama totally off base on women

President Obama, how dare you speak for Republican women! We are not treated as objects or interest groups. We are politically active and fully functioning members of our party. We do not feel disrespected or diminished by our party. Just because we aren't out chanting idiocies in the street or behaving like our left-wing nut counterparts does not mean that we are diminished in any way. It does, however, mean that we have more grace, more class, more intelligence and much more strength than we are given credit for.

In case you doubt that, I believe you will see the results of our efforts in November. Wait for it. If you would like to send a similar message, go to and select "contact us." Feel free to pass this along or use any part of it. If I say it, I stand behind it.
Jeannette Taylor

Local businessman victim of cyberthievery

Many businesses already have a presence on the internet, but just because you are not using your domain name, don’t assume that no one else is.  Recently I decided to start a website for my tree service.  Imagine my surprise when I found “” was not available. Who would want that name, I thought?

When I typed it in, I found out.  The competition was using my domain name to redirect traffic to their website.  While I am flattered that they felt my traffic was worth redirecting, I question the ethics of doing so.  In the Wild West of the internet, the horse thief doesn’t have to sneak in under the cover of darkness; they can steal your business right under your nose. 

While I research the legality of shady business practices on the internet, I suggest that other companies do a little research on their own.  You may be surprised at the lengths to which the competition will go for business in this frail economy.
Robert Hughes
Hughes Wood Service

Thank you to our  Lewes community

Thirty-seven years ago we moved to Lewes with the idea that we wanted to live in a small community and raise a family.  It was a great move on our part, and we were reminded of the beauty of that move last Saturday night. A benefit was held for our granddaughter, Madison Handley, who is going through chemotherapy to treat her diagnosis of retinoblastoma, a rare childhood cancer.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to a fabulous community filled with caring family, friends and neighbors for their support during this trying time.  We look forward to watching Madison overcome this, grow into a thriving child, and enjoy the benefits from living in such a supportive and loving town.

Thank you to all of the people who were involved in the planning and implementing of the benefit, those who attended and all who have supported our family.

We will always be grateful for your kindness and generosity.
John and Susan Hall

Student thanks Giant for help with project

On March 11, Giant allowed me to conduct my science fair experiment in the Rehoboth store.  I want to thank the manager, the staff and the customers for participating in my experiment.  I conducted a blind taste test to compare organic and non-organic fruit flavors so I could see what people liked. Everyone at the store was so nice.  They let me set up a table in the front of the store and they kept announcing to their customers that I was doing a science fair experiment and for them to help me out.  The customers were really nice.  I would also like to thank Giant for carrying the non-organic and organic fruits that I used in my experiment. My project is not finished yet, but thanks to Giant I know it is going to be good.
Brynley Mulveny
6th-grade student
Eagle’s Nest Christian Academy

SDTRHR annual spring ride a success

Southern Delaware Therapeutic and Recreational Horseback Riding, Inc. (SDTRHR) would like to thank all of the dedicated participants and volunteers who attended our 15th Annual Spring Beach Ride & Walk held at Cape Henlopen State Park March 31.

The rain held off and the weather was good for many old and new friends to enjoy a fun day at the beach in support of the program. There were 120 devoted horseback riders from Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New Jersey who made this a very successful fundraiser. The grand total raised was $9,556. The top fundraiser was Marisa Conti, who raised $675, and the second highest was 12-year-old Melissa Stafford who raised $406. Congratulations to both of you and everyone who raised funds to support SDTRHR. All proceeds directly benefit SDTRHR, which provides equine-assisted activities to adults and children with physical, emotional and mental needs in Sussex County. The money raised from this year’s ride will go toward horse care for the program’s four-legged therapists and rider scholarships, which enable riders to participate regardless of financial ability. SDTRHR would like to give a special thank you to the following sponsors, contributors and volunteers - we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you to the following sponsors: PNC, Hyett Refrigeration, Safran Labinal, Phillips Trucking, Jake’s Seafood, Admiral Hotel, NRG Energy Inc., HeHaul Inc., Savannah Animal Hospital and Delmarva Equine. Thank you to the following contributors: Capriotti’s in Lewes, Bella Mia Hair Boutique, Pepsi of Salisbury, Alyssa Titus of Azura, Hilton in Ocean City, Md., Helen Heim, Gail and Bill Shaffer, Wanda Richardson, Gloria and Paul Boyer, Don and Carol Smith, and Linda and CR Greene.

Thank you to Mike Toohey, Tony Rodriguez and Mike Miller for the delicious hoagies. You guys are wonderful! A big thanks to Gloria and Paul Boyer for the fantastic sandwiches. The yummy desserts were thanks to Debbie Layton, Pat Romaine, Joanne Fabiano, Carol Smith and Donnel Bailey. We were excited to have Justin Fisher and his band Justin Time entertain us during lunch. They raised $80 from their donation jar and kindly donated it all to SDTRHR. You guys rock!

A huge thank you to Logomotive Printing for a great job on our commemorative T-shirts! We loved them! SDTRHR is truly grateful to Sue Fortier, professional photographer, along with invaluable volunteers who took fantastic pictures during the event and worked hard to print them out for everyone to purchase. Many thanks to Sue Fortier, Janet Layden, Cathy Jansen, Vanessa Fry and Phil Bronnan for all of your effort. We deeply appreciate all the hard work and dedication from the following volunteers who made this fundraiser possible: Mary Anne Hoopes, Jennifer Swingle, Lorrie and Ken Stroup, Donnel Bailey, Sasha Hudson, Lisa Parker, Toriee and Josh Baker, Mike Toohey, Joanne Fabiano, Pat and Buddy Romaine, the Peet family and the Layton family.

SDTRHR is very appreciative of the riders, walkers, sponsors and volunteers that continue to support this spring fundraiser year after year. We would also like to thank Cape Henlopen State Park for the continued use of the beautiful landscape and facility for this fundraiser. Your ongoing support enables SDTRHR to continue improving lives one stride at a time!
Southern Delaware Therapeutic and Recreational Horseback Riding

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