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May 04, 2012
On criteria for Sussex grants by council

An article in the April 27 Cape Gazette cited objections by a number of citizens of grants being made to churches from the $30,000 in county grant-in-aid funds that each council member has exclusive control of.  I am concerned that there are no standards or guidelines for deciding on these grants.

The article cites Councilman Vance Phillips as saying churches qualify if the event they sponsor is open to the public.  This is a highly defective criteria, as it would, for example, fund a religious group's public meeting dedicated to convincing others that it is the one true faith.  This is obviously not what public funds should be spent on.

Personally, I would prefer that this program of grants controlled by one member be abolished.  But if that is not possible, I strongly  suggest that the council develop explicit standards and criteria for approving such grant applications. It should deal explicitly with the issues of churches, maintaining neutrality in dealing with all faiths, and how to assess what best serves the public interest.  Given that only one member decides how to spend the public's funds, it is essential to have explicit and publicly agreed upon standards for making such grants.
William F. OConnor

Cape High drug sweep merits comments

In response to Melissa Steele's interesting article, "Cape drug sweep nets one arrest" April 27, I just wanted to comment on Superintendent Kevin Carson and Delaware State Police Sgt. Shavack's "drug sweep" in the utopian quest for a zero tolerant world at Cape Henlopen High.

The unleashing of three police agencies (Delaware State Police, Milton and Dewey) along with six drug-sniffing dogs into the hallways and classrooms of the "limited lockdown" school surely meant that serious drug dealing was in play. But, after a 70-minute search, they only found a 9th grader who allegedly had "less than a gram of marijuana" in his backpack. Remember, a gram equals 35 thousandths of an ounce (.035) and the authorities say he had less than that. Some stash. But still a violation of the no discretion, zero tolerance policy to be punished.

Accordingly, the villian was arrested, summoned and released to face a date in Family Court. Even though a conference in the principal's office with the parents would make more sense to me.

But, at least the student population learned a few civics lessons. First, even though the 4th amendment of the constitution does exclude them from unwarranted searches, real world authoritarians think they can and do what they want, like the FBI who can write their own secret search warrants (security letters) under the Patriot Act.

Second, weak results mean nothing.  Superintendent Carson said, "We will continue to have these unannounced, periodic sweeps throughout the school year."  Apparently, he's determined to find a problem to solve.

Third, people generally learn to respect government in direct correlation to the way they are treated as citizens. The image of drug-sniffing dogs searching my possessions without a probable cause would not engender respect from me. Maybe the students just accept it now.  I wonder what they are texting about?

I also wonder if Sgt. Shavack took the dogs through the administration offices under the zero tolerance policy?
Geary Foertsch
Rehoboth Beach

Burton is right person for Cape school board

I am writing this letter in support of Jenny Burton for the Cape Henlopen school board. We have been property owners and homeowners in Henlopen Acres for years

Jenny was the town manager for eight of those years, so we really learned an insider’s view of how she is task oriented. She is fiscally responsible and capable of adhering to a budget! She was known for being fiscally conservative. She worked beautifully with diversified town officials and community members. Ordinances were enforced and stressful situations were handled by Jenny with ease and professionalism.

While town manager, Jenny assisted in various improvement projects including town street paving, storm drain projects, new water treatments plant projects, marina renovation, and new town hall and maintenance buildings. Jenny worked with local and state agencies of behalf of the Town of Henlopen Acres on a regular basis. Jenny has a supportive family, is a community volunteer and member we are lucky to have in our district!

Please make the right choice and cast your vote for Jenny Burton!
Kathy McGuiness
CHHS Class of 1985

Former Cape board member endorses Burton

I would hope that the Cape community would join me in supporting the candidacy of Jennifer Burton for the Rehoboth seat on the Cape school board. As a young mother with kids in Cape schools and a Cape grad herself, Jennifer would bring a positive Cape perspective that we need on the school board at this time, in my view.

As a past member of the school board and as one who has two grandaughters presently at HOB, I care intently about the positive direction of the district and I feel that Jennifer would be far and away the best of the two candidates running for the Rehoboth seat.  It was her opponent, Mr. Downs and his small cadre of supporters several years ago, who actively worked to see that the new high school was not built along with the community swimming pool, and when they succeeded in defeating the pool, but not the high school, then Bill and his group sued the school district to do everything they could to see that the high school was not built (forget his misrembering the facts...he says now that he just didn't support it being built where it now sits).

They failed in their lawsuit, of course, but they did force the board to put more money in the attorney line of the budget to fight their silly claims, which came to naught as they then settled with the architects and the construction company to keep from going to trial, which was exactly what we, on the board, wanted so he and his crew would have to take the stand and testify, which is what they did not want to do. That is why they settled and the board did not.

No matter how Bill misremembers the facts, that is the way that it happened. I can't believe our community would chose a negative, lack of common sense person like Bill over a young Cape mother like Jennifer for this important seat.
I am doing everything I can to support her and I would ask all those who want to put a positive voice for Cape kids on the board, to join me at the school that Bill worked so hard to keep us from building (the beautiful new Cape High) in voting for Jennifer Burton May 8.
Dr. Gary Wray
Cape Henlopen School Board 2005-2010

Jen Burton has proven devotion to Cape

On Tuesday, May 8, I will be casting my vote for Jennifer Burton for the Area D Cape Henlopen school board seat. She is an excellent representative of the Area D seat, which includes Rehoboth and Dewey. Jennifer, her husband and her three siblings are all Cape graduates and she has lived in Rehoboth Beach for 37 years. She also has two children in the school district, Sam at Cape Henlopen High School and Genna at Beacon Middle School.

Jen has worked in the Cape Henlopen School District, volunteering for over 10 years, and has consistently demonstrated a dedication to the success of our children’s future. Working personally with Jen in the schools, I have seen high-quality results time and time again.

Experience as town manager for Henlopen Acres, property manager for Church Street Associates and a master’s degree in business administration will make Jennifer Burton an invaluable resource when balancing budgets, working with the public and writing and obtaining grant funding for the Cape Henlopen School District. She will look for ways to improve and strengthen instructional programs without sacrificing sensible fiscal management.

In electing Jennifer Burton, we have an opportunity to elect a representative that can speak for the parents and constituents for the Area D seat. Join me Tuesday, May 8, and vote Jennifer Burton for the Cape Henlopen school board at Rehoboth Elementary, Mariner Middle School or Cape Henlopen High School. The election is open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. to anyone age 18 or older residing in the Cape Henlopen School District.
Jodi Grahne
Rehoboth Beach

Stand up for William Downs and vote May 8

I support Mr. William Downs for election to the Cape Henlopen school board because he stands for open government and transparency, and puts the interests of the Cape Henlopen School District and its students before his own self interests.

Some people may not remember, but many years ago Mr. Downs and a small group of fellow taxpayers discovered that a former superintendent, some Cape Henlopen administrators, and some former school board members were violating state laws by conducting illegal meetings. When other efforts failed, Mr. Downs and the taxpayers filed a lawsuit against them and, because of that lawsuit, the secret meetings came to an end. Things became more open - as they legally should have been from the start.

The case settled before it went to trial, and that settlement shows a lot about Mr. Downs. He did not take any settlement money for himself. Instead, Mr. Downs and the three people who had filed the lawsuit with him arranged to have the settlement money placed in a trust and used it to provide an annual scholarship to a graduating Cape Henlopen senior.

That sums up Mr. Downs. He stands up when necessary to be sure that the people in power in our school district obey the laws and keep the public informed. And, when he wins, he doesn’t take for himself, but gives everything back to help Cape Henlopen students and their families.

Mr. Downs stood up for us. On May 8, it is our turn to stand up and vote for him.
Karen Bartuski
Rehoboth Beach

Osler will be great asset on Lewes council

This year we shall choose from five candidates running for Lewes City Council.  To choose wisely, it is important to consider the significant responsibilities of our city council: managing the city's financial affairs, ensuring good city services (police protection, street maintenance, trash collection, etc.) and representing our interest at the county, state and federal levels.

To carry out these responsibilities, we need members of city council with a keen interest in Lewes issues and the background and training for the position.  Bonnie Osler has these attributes.  She has a track record of involvement in Lewes concerns, including work on street issues, yard waste and service on the boards of the farmers market and of a new effort to launch a nonprofit, community-based support network for our neighbors to help them live independently in their homes.

As an attorney with almost three decades of successful practice, including rising to the top tier of federal government managers, she has broad experience in government.  I also know that Bonnie has a common-sense, fiscally conservative and practical approach to addressing the challenges facing Lewes.  Bonnie will be an asset on city council.
Libby Owen

Vote for Bonnie Osler May 12 in Lewes

Lewes is fortunate to have Bonnie Osler as a candidate for city council.  Based on her background, demonstrated commitment to Lewes and fiscally conservative philosophy, she deserves your vote. Her career is full of accomplishments.  She is a magna cum laude graduate, with department honors, of Bryn Mawr College.  She reached the finals of the University of Virginia Law School Lile Moot Court competition. After a successful stint practicing law in the private sector, she joined the U.S. Department of Justice, defending the constitutionality of federal laws and rising to the management ranks, where she also tackled policy issues.  After 911, Bonnie joined the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, creating a legal team from scratch as a member of the federal government's Senior Executive Service.

Here in Lewes, Bonnie is a long-time volunteer at the farmers market and has served on its board of directors since 2010 - you've probably seen her at the market on Saturdays during the summer.  She also has been involved in numerous local issues, including making presentations to the city council on such things as street work and lawn waste collection.  Careful about spending our tax dollars, Bonnie will apply her analytical skills to plan the city's future while preserving our great historic past.

Like you and me, Bonnie loves our city.  She has the skills and abilities and common sense to be a great representative on city council.
Joan Gaffney

Becker's record proves his commitment

My wife and I met Ted Becker at a neighbor's brunch soon after we moved to Lewes in late 2010. He was introduced simply as a neighbor and, by the way, as a council member in Lewes.

Since that time we have had a number of opportunities to be with Ted mostly in social settings or other meetings in town. It was obvious soon after meeting him that Lewes was his home and he was committed to keeping Lewes a community that valued citizen commitment and volunteerism. Those traits are certainly the core of what makes Lewes the gem that it is. He was never hesitant to answer questions about issues affecting life in Lewes and beyond. In fact, he would always give all sides of an issue, emphasize his opinion and then explain why he thought his particular tact was in the best interest of the city, the county and sometimes even the country. He never, ever did not actively listen to my opinion, often at odds to his or dismiss my evaluation as trivial or non-consequential.

Ted is one of those individuals who walks his talk and his record bears that out. I recently read his re-election brochure and totally support his comments on fiscal responsibility, citizen involvement, collaboration, future developments and his view to the future, which ends with the sentence, "A strong Lewes is one where all can enjoy a better quality of life." Right on! That's why we moved here and we are enjoying a better quality of life. Our vote for Ted is guaranteed.
Bob Cloutier

Becker has proven commitment to Lewes

The citizens of Lewes will go to the polls May 12 to elect two members to city council from a slate of five individuals who are running for this position. We are writing to support the re-election of Ted Becker to the Lewes City Council.

Ted has been an excellent councilman for the previous eight years, and has proven to be an outstanding elected public official. He has played a leading role in issues of vital importance to the preservation and protection of Lewes. These include the enactment of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, rewriting the city zoning ordinances and the establishment of the Lewes Historic Preservation Commission.

Ted was instrumental in the development of The Memorandum of Understanding with Sussex County - the only such MOU in existence in the entire county -  to give Lewes some measure of input into the developmental activity  surrounding Lewes. In efforts to expand and  strengthen this initial step, Ted continues to engage state and county officials on this issue - urging a strengthened MOU - and to ensure that all are fully cognizant of the implications for Lewes regarding  future development in close proximity to our city.

Ted Becker has shown dedication, commitment and genuine compassion for this city, as exhibited by his involvement in community organizations, community events and his availability to the citizens of Lewes. He has worked tirelessly for Lewes since first elected in 2004 and certainly deserves re-election.
Martha and Richard Royall


Reardon will be professional addition

I have known Dennis Reardon since childhood, as we attended the same grade school and high school together. In addition, we both worked during the day at a northern Delaware manufacturing plant while going to night school to get our college degrees.  After Dennis obtained his undergraduate degree, he commuted by train to Baltimore at night to obtain his law degree.

His persistence in obtaining his education indicates his tendency to focus on the final goal and not look for short term fixes ... whatever the problem. As a member of the city council, he would apply this long-term view, as well as his proven management skills, to the daily problems of running the City of Lewes.
Dennis is a qualified candidate for this position, as he has the personality and determination to see problems are solved in a positive manner.

Although an independent thinker, he works well with others and is a consensus builder and team player. He is extremely proud to be a resident of the City of Lewes and feels the time is right for him at this time to contribute back to the community.

We all want the City of Lewes to prosper and grow with a financially secure future so that we all enjoy one of the best kept secrets on the East Coast.
Dennis Readon will bring a refreshing professional addition and a new outlook to the council.
Peter Feeney

Becker cares about future of Lewes

Lewes voters are fortunate to have five able candidates seek the two vacancies on the city council. One candidate - Ted Becker - stands out among his opponents and is uniquely qualified. Ted Becker merits re-election to the council.

Over the years, we have worked with Ted on one community project or another. We know firsthand that he is an articulate, passionate, indefatigable and effective advocate for the City of Lewes. Ted's knowledge about how this city functions, its institutions and citizenry, is encyclopedic; equally important, he cares deeply about its well being and future.

Ted has been an active, informed and involved city council member.
He is an integral part of Lewes' social and political fabric; he understands how a small city functions and grapples with today's economic and demographic challenges.

We cannot afford to lose this hands-on experience and valuable insight if we are to ensure that Lewes continues to maintain its stature and attain the progress we all envisage.

We are pleased to support Ted Becker's candidacy and urge our fellow voters to return him to the city council May 12.
Stuart and Ruth Brahs


Morgan will put safety, finances first in Lewes

No question, we are facing difficult financial times that must be addressed by our elected representatives at every level - national, state and local.  What seems like a long time ago, House Speaker Tip O'Neill reminded us that "All politics is local."   In Lewes, we rely first on our city council to protect our financial interests by establishing  a reasonable budget and setting tax rates and fees that are necessary only to stay within the budget.  Common sense dictates that we elect representatives who are educated and experienced in dealing directly with budgets and finances.

Of all the current candidates, Rob Morgan stands out, with his education at Harvard Business School (specializing in finance) and at UVA Law School and his two decades work in the private sector as corporate counsel to Perot Systems (concentrating on financial aspects of all contracts involving the company). Rob Morgan will be the financial watchdog on Lewes City Council.

Rob volunteered for military service immediately after college, and served with our Army in Vietnam, where he earned the Bronze Star.  After furthering his education, he was sworn in as an assistant U.S. Attorney and chose to work in the criminal division, where he was very successful in putting scores of offenders behind bars. This background has caused public safety to be a primary concern in his desire to serve us on the city council.

As we read here in the Gazette, we see that our town and surrounding jurisdictions are experiencing an increase in crime with our economy faltering.   Rob understands that providing for our safety is our number one expectation from our government.  We read and hear that every one of the dedicated candidates for city council wish both to control development in and around Lewes and to advance the core values of our cherished town.  The city council has five members, including our mayor.  What we must have is at least one representative who will, first and foremost, keep a watchful eye for the well being of our safety and our pocketbooks.
Joan and Tom Bodie

Morgan has the integrity to lead Lewes in future

As your readers know, Rob Morgan is a candidate for Lewes City Council.  Lewes would be fortunate to have a person of his caliber and competence contribute to the leadership of our community.

Rob is more than a talented attorney.  For the last 10 years, his untiring pro bono efforts as general counsel for the National Wildlife Refuge Association have brought significant successes to that organization.  The association advocates in Congress and the administration for the refuge system (over 500 refuges as part of the Fish and Wildlife Service).  In particular, it engages and mobilizes friends of these wildlife refuges to gain support and influence to maintain and expand the refuge system in the face of unceasing pressure from urban expansion.

When a refuge is in crisis, or the habitats of species are threatened, Rob and his organization seek the political support and public awareness to avert the danger.  For instance, when Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf, his group was instrumental in securing aid for the overwhelmed refuges there, and on Crystal River in Florida it is protecting breeding habitat for the endangered manatee.

This has been an important aspect of his professional life, and his experience gained in working with refuge supporters will aid the people of Lewes as they interact with their government.

Others may describe his solid background of professional accomplishments including his military service to our nation.  I endorse him also for his personal uniqueness:  A city council representative needs to be, above all, a person with integrity who listens to others, evaluates their concerns thoughtfully and then recommends solutions.  Those are characteristics Rob has in abundance.

To know Rob is to appreciate the quality of people that Lewes attracts.
Chuck Freed

Reardon brings enormous perspective

Several letters have already done an excellent job of describing Dennis Reardon's extensive qualifications for serving on council. We add one more wrinkle. Dennis is the ultimate "Historian of Modern Lewes" (circa World War II to present).  His encyclopedic knowledge of this period, the whats, whens and whys of events - including council legislation, local development, etc. - would bring valuable perspective to the council. We strongly support Dennis and urge the citizens of Lewes to get out and vote for him on May 12.
Larry and Nancy D'Orazio

Reardon uniquely qualified to serve

On rare occasions an individual who is uniquely qualified to serve the body of citizens they desire to represent steps forward to serve their community.

Dennis Reardon is such a person, and we have the chance to choose him to represent us in the upcoming May 2012 Lewes City Council election.

Why is Dennis the candidate of choice? Dennis has the knowledge and the ability to make critical decisions wisely, the experience and a clear lack of bias, which is so important for successful performance in this position. Dennis had a 22-year career of public service for the State of Delaware and 24 years of experience in private industry. Most importantly, he has been a Lewes resident since the 1970s.

He is a man of strong convictions and has the strength to do what is right without succumbing to any outside influences. Dennis knows what is best for Lewes now and wants what will be best for the future of all of Sussex County as it continues to grow.

Dennis Reardon knows and cares about the people of Lewes and its future. He is by far the most logical candidate to serve us. I encourage all voting citizens to support Dennis in the upcoming city council election.
M. Alan Bagden, DMD

Reardon deserves election in Lewes

I am writing this letter to urge you to vote for Dennis Reardon for a seat on Lewes City Council. As a local for many years, he has first-hand knowledge of the problems that face this growing community. A time like this requires people who are strong in their convictions, and able to make the necessary decisions that face the area.

Dennis is a people's person, who is available and can listen, understand and will react to your needs in the community.

This letter is a personal appeal from a concerned citizen to elect an official that I consider would be a valuable asset to the City of Lewes.

Thank you for your attention to this important time and remember: Vote and when you do, do it for Dennis T. Reardon.
William E. Savery Jr.

Ted Becker valuable asset to Lewes

We are writing in favor of Ted Becker for Lewes City Council. Ted has been a dedicated councilman and has displayed a genuine interest in Lewes and is a conscientious listener to the concerns of our citizens. He quickly responds to the problems within the city. He headed up the restructure of Bay Avenue with patience and an open mind. He felt the need to listen to all concerns and keep people informed. Ted has worked well with the planning commission and all other city organizations. He shows an energetic interest in all of the events in the city. His cheerful personality and intelligence are always apparent. Ted’s experience makes him a valuable asset to the community. We would truly like to see him serve again on city council.
Jim and Charlotte Bastian

Becker has been a good guardian of Lewes

We are writing to encourage our fellow residents of Lewes to vote for Ted Becker in the upcoming city council election.

In the eight years Mr. Becker has been on council, he has been a very positive force in decisions that have far-reaching impact on our quality of life here. A few examples:

(1) He was instrumental in forging a Memorandum of Understanding with Sussex County. This is very important because so many planning and zoning decisions that so directly affect us who live near the shore are made by decision makers who do not live here. He will work to strengthen this MOU and build strong coalitions with our sister communities along the shore who are experiencing similar problems with growth.

(2) He played a major role in the continuance of the Lewes Public Library staying in its current location. The battle isn’t over, but through his and others’ efforts, the discussion is now on how and not where! The next point is critical to the completion of the library, and for other important projects, i.e.

(3) He has been a leader in efforts to bring in outside funds to solve local problems - funds from federal, state and private agencies - wherein individuals at those levels have to be convinced that our projects are a good use of public funds. Ted is respected by leaders beyond our city limits and is not bashful in letting them know how important Lewes is, not only to residents here, but to the state as well. His influence has paid off; an example is the large grant that was received for future retrofits of city buildings. The savings are not just in the costs of building renovation, but in future savings as less of our town budget pays for energy use!

(4) Ted is accessible to everyone; he always has time to listen and is well informed. He is an active listener - not only hearing what you have to say, but offering background on issues and laying out possibilities for problem solving that are under consideration or might be. But, he doesn’t wait for you to come to him. He seeks input on matters that are coming before the council.

Ted is a good guardian of our town. We hope you agree. Pull the lever for Ted Becker on May 12.
Midge Smith and Carl Wisler


Lewes needs Bill Landon the native son

I am writing to urge your support for Bill Landon, candidate for the city council of Lewes. Bill's many outstanding credentials have been enumerated before, so I will skip those, but I would like to emphasize a characteristic  that he and I share.

Like myself, Bill is a native son of Lewes.  I have been fortunate enough to have lived here all my life; Bill and his wife Jill returned as soon as they could after retirement.  We both love Lewes.  For this reason, you can be assured that Bill's motives for running stem from his deep desire to keep Lewes the wonderful place to live that it is.  In this respect, he stands out above the other candidates.

Whether you were born in Lewes or found it later, you probably love it too!  Your vote for Bill Landon on May 12 will prove that.
George Macintire


Rob Morgan has skills Lewes needs

Please join me in helping to elect Rob Morgan to Lewes City Council Saturday, May 12. I have known Rob and his wife Janice for over 30 years, both personally and professionally. Like so many of us, they have chosen Lewes as the ideal place to live, first as a summer home and now as year-round residents.

Rob's long and diverse career as a lawyer in both the public and private sectors makes him uniquely qualified to serve on the city council. Rob has a master's degree in business administration and extensive experience in the corporate world, skills that he will use to maintain the city's fiscal integrity through careful oversight of the budget, payroll, pension and public contract expenditures to keep our taxes low. As a former federal prosecutor, Rob is committed to keeping Lewes a safe and tranquil place to live by supporting our police, fire and emergency medical services. As general counsel to the National Wildlife Refuge Association, Rob has dedicated his time to protect our natural resources and environment.

Let's give Rob this opportunity to serve our community on the city council.
W. Michael Tupman

Bonnie Osler deserves election in Lewes

To represent Lewes citizens well, it is important for an office holder to have had active involvement in Lewes issues.  I know Bonnie Osler’s record, and it is one of such involvement.  For example, she currently serves on the board of directors of the Historic Lewes Farmers Market and the Greater Lewes Community Village.  Furthermore, she has rolled up her sleeves on issues such as yard waste and street repaving.  Bonnie also has a strong background in management of projects, budgets and personnel, including at the highest level in the federal career civil service. Osler will represent Lewes citizens very well and deserves your vote.
JoEllen Jordan

Councilwoman Vaughn says vote Becker, Osler

The election for two Lewes City Council seats will take place a week from tomorrow, the well-attended candidate’s night hosted by the Lewes Homeowners Association is over, and now it is time for the voters to decide for whom they will vote.  I have made my decision  - I will vote for Ted Becker and Bonnie Osler.

I served with Ted for the past eight productive years on Lewes City Council and I can say without hesitation that he has worked tirelessly t o help make Lewes an ever better place to live and work.  He has effectively chaired the city’s finance, streets and marina committees, as well as serving as deputy
mayor of the city for the past year.  Lewes needs him to continue as a member of city council!

I am voting for Bonnie Osler because not only is she very well-qualified, but she has really done her homework.  And she understands that what makes Lewes government function so well is the collaborative manner that works at all levels of the city, including  the many nonprofits and  the various departments, boards, and commissions that contribute to the excellent quality of life we enjoy. Bonnie has been an active participant in that effort  for many years and she will be a real asset to the city council. Thanks for listening.
Barbara  W. Vaughan
outgoing member of Lewes City Council

Morgan ideal candidate to serve Lewes

The fact that there are five well-qualified candidates running for two spots on Lewes City Council speaks well for our City of Lewes.  We are thankful for the civic engagement of these dedicated citizens.  However, choosing whom among the new candidates to vote for is difficult.  After much thought, we have decided to support Rob Morgan.  His education and experience make him ideal to be on council at this time to tackle the various budgetary, environmental  and public safety challenges facing the city.

Rob is a friend and neighbor and we are impressed by his education  (MBA, Harvard and JD, UVA), and his impressive career in civil litigation, as a federal prosecutor and as a corporate attorney.  Also noteworthy is his service in Vietnam for which he was awarded the Bronze Star. These skills would add valuable depth to our city council.  In addition, his pro bono work for the Wildlife Refuge Association fits in very well with our area in Delaware.

But Rob is much more than just a suit.  He is down to Earth, very approachable and a good listener.  Lewes is a well managed and governed city, thanks to the hard work of Mayor Ford, Ted Becker, outgoing council person Barbara Vaughn, and many others.  Rob Morgan would serve in that tradition, and continue to make Lewes a great place to live.
Gaby and Jim Linnen

Becker has experience, foresight Lewes needs

One thing that sets Lewes apart from other small towns in Delaware is the quality of the city government.  It is a relief to have a mayor and city council that listens to the citizens and makes reasoned decisions.  Ted Becker has been an outstanding member of the council since 2004 and was appointed deputy mayor and treasurer in 2011. Re-election of Ted will help assure continued good government.

Fiscal responsibility has been a hallmark of Ted's service and he can certainly claim a lot of the credit for achieving needed upgrades of city infrastructure in recent years without incurring runaway costs. One of the difficulties of sustaining a successful small town is working with other levels of government.  Ted is a collaborator and that stance led him to take a very active role in the Memorandum of Understanding that was worked out with Sussex County.

Moreover, Ted has pledged to continue working to strengthen the MOU with the aim of protecting Lewes from over development along our borders and the thoroughfares that connect us to the rest of the county. He has likewise been in the forefront and has shown great leadership skills on matters critical to Lewes, i.e., helping to complete the Lewes Comprehensive Land Use Plan, rewriting of the city zoning ordinances and development of The Historic Preservation Ordinance.  We are going to need Ted's experience, thoughtful analysis and foresight in the future. I am voting for Ted Becker and encourage others to do the same.
Winona B. Dougherty

Lewes would benefit from Landon's service

I strongly urge Lewes voters to elect Bill Landon to city council Saturday, May 12.  I have known Bill for over 45 years through his wife Jill's family.

Throughout this time, Bill has always demonstrated himself to be a principled, honest, hard working family man.  His rise to colonel in his military career and director of communications position in his federal government career speak for themselves. Self-sacrifice and commitment to country spurred this Cape Henlopen graduate and Lewes Army Reserve enlistee ahead. Bill is the recipient of the Legion of Merit and Superior Civilian Service Award.

Our town would benefit greatly from his service to us on city council. Please vote for Bill.
Rose Brittingham Hazzard

Becker's Lewes record very impressive

We attended Councilman Ted Becker’s meet and greet gathering May 1. Of course, we had already known about Ted’s efforts on behalf of the citizens of Lewes. But on this occasion we were especially impressed with his account of his years of service on Lewes City Council.

Here is what impressed us: his utter dedication and devotion to the quality of life of Lewes; his continuous and uncommon hard work on our behalf; his attention to detail as well as a realistic vision for our future; his informed and sound sense of the constraints that our city faces; his effectiveness in representing our interests to partners at the county, state and national levels.

In this time of accelerated change as well as opportunity, we need a member of council whose hand is already firmly on the tiller. Deputy Mayor and Councilman Ted Becker is that man.
Michael Krausz
Constance Costigan

Morgan has right experience, background

We are very fortunate in Lewes this year to have five very well-qualified candidates for city council.  One of them, however, stands out for having the background of being a decorated Vietnam veteran, who is a lawyer with an MBA and with experience in working for private industry as well as the government.

We need this candidate's experience and background to ensure our city can navigate the waters of legal and fiscal challenges that we face now and in the future. That one candidate is Rob Morgan.  He has already reviewed the present city budget, accompanied one of our police officers on night duty and has solicited opinions of as many of our citizens as he could gather to be prepared to represent us to maintain this wonderful city that we enjoy.
Jack Dawson

Becker offers experience Lewes needs

Being a member of city council in the City of Lewes is a serious undertaking. The office requires addressing the interests and concerns of all our residents and businesses, while balancing the increasing pressures of a city that has gained national recognition as a destination for vacation as well as relocation.

Mayor and council also often deal with complex matters that affect the city with county, state and even federal officials, which go well beyond regular monthy council or committee meetings.

As Lewes homeowners for over 31 years, we appreciate what a commitment this is, which is why we support the re-election of Ted Becker for city council, based upon his efforts to date and vision for the future of Lewes.  Ted offers the business and financial acumen, the action and results orientation and the responsiveness and experience the citizens of Lewes deserve.
Dave Fischbach and Georgia Tugend

Vote for Dennis Reardon for Lewes City Council

Dennis Reardon is the right choice for Lewes City Council. His priorities for Lewes include careful and properly planned growth with fiscal responsibility. I personally know Dennis to be very open minded, thoughtful, considerate and fair when discussing and evaluating alternative outcomes. These traits and skills will serve him well as a councilperson and greatly benefit Lewes.

His 22 years of state of Delaware service as deputy attorney general and chief master in Family Court as well as his 17 years working with a residential/educational program for developmentally disabled individuals give him a strong background to take on the responsibilities of the council seat.
Please vote for Dennis Reardon May 12. I am confident he will make an outstanding councilperson.
David Schaen

Lucky to have Bonnie Osler in Lewes

My husband and I moved to DeVries Circle in Lewes about the same time steamrollers and dump trucks rumbled in. We, as other neighbors around us, had concerns about our street project. Lucky for us, Bonnie Osler was there to help with just about everything, from legal to soil quality advice. And she sent no bill in the mail!

As a farmers market volunteer, I see all Bonnie does for the market and think again how lucky we are to have her. Then too, when I walked the circle canvasing for those who might want natural gas, I was lucky to have Bonnie’s help. She hosted our natural gas meeting and gave us all her valuable insight.
Yes, I know of her prestigious education and her years working in the legal profession. I even have friends in the D.C. area who can vouch for this.

However, if truth be told, my vote for Bonnie will be because she will show up, not shy away from problems. In addition she will be there, not for a few, but for all of us in Lewes. And her decisions will be made with all of us in mind and for what is the best for Lewes. I love Lewes, Bonnie loves Lewes and a vote for her will sustain the quality of Lewes we all love. We will all be lucky to have Bonnie.
Caryl E. Williams

Osler has common sense, good judgment

To keep our city on a sound financial course and the great place we love, we need members of city council who have common sense and good judgment. Bonnie Osler has both of these qualities. She is a very good listener who asks probing questions until she fully understands an issue.

She also brings no preconceived agenda to her consideration of issues other than what would be best for Lewes.

Based on her strong background as an attorney and as a manager, she is able to sort out the pros and cons to make deliberate and informed decisions. Her approach to the challenges facing Lewes is a common-sense approach, as shown by her work on the yard waste issue we faced two years ago. A vote for Bonnie Osler is a vote for practical and sensible representation on city council.
Janice Pinto

Continuity facilitates effective change

“The ability to change constantly and effectively is made easier by high-level continuity,” renowned Michael Porter, Harvard Business School and management consultant.

Ted Becker is the only candidate who offers us continuity in the Lewes City Council election.  When making our second vote count, the residents of Lewes are blessed with four new voices with excellent backgrounds full of valuable experience and service to their various communities.

Ted has served on our city council eight years and a year as deputy mayor and chairman of the finance committee.  He has attended national and state workshops to examine best practices and strategies of communities similar to Lewes.

He has built valuable relationships with other city entities, business leaders, service providers and administrators from Beebe Medical Center, University of Delaware, Cape May-Lewes Ferry, Cape Henlopen School District, leaders in the faith community and all of our valuable civic nonprofit organizations.

Nurturing these relationships has helped him to be objective and open minded when determining what is in the best interest of the City of Lewes.

One morning, with espresso pumping through my veins, I bumped into a very accessible Ted with one of my brilliant ideas.  With great patience, he let me finish painting my amazing idea, and then explained which city ordinances, which codes, and which historical happenings I would need to consider as I went forward with my idea.

He recommended I connect with some other folks who were also interested in a similar idea. At the end of my wanderings, a whole other thing happened which was much better for the city … and for me.

He could have just shut me down, but instead he guided me in a different direction with the support of others.

Ted Becker offers us knowledge of the policies and the resources, continuity in the work of our growing city, and a deep devotion to our town of Lewes.

Ted is a neighbor, a colleague and a friend. I hope you will join my husband Rick and me and vote to keep Ted Becker on our city council.
Rachel Grier-Reynolds

10 reasons to vote for Jen Burton May 8

1. Her top priority is to give our children the best education.
2. Past PTO president of Rehoboth Elementary with a total of 10 years PTO service.
3. Actually has children attending Cape schools.
4. A true area D resident for 37 years.
5. Will be a great liaison between parents, administration and the community.
6. Takes a positive role on the district level by attending meetings and serving on various committees.
7. Former town manager of Henlopen Acres for eight years.
8. Cape graduate class of 1983
9. Has a master’s degree in business administration.
10. An open minded individual who believes there are positive solutions to all problems.
Amy Warick
Rehoboth Beach

Downs has common sense to lead Cape

The Cape Henlopen School District needs Bill Downs, his common sense and his business know-how.

I have watched as the numbers of administrators at the Cape Henlopen School District have grown without any apparent benefit to the school system; as new and experimental programs have increased and failed; and as we’ve built new buildings supposedly designed to meet our needs for decades that are filled to capacity within four years. In its rush to get more and newer things so it can look like one of the best school districts in Delaware, our district has left behind a critical asset – common sense.

A Cape graduate and successful businessman who has raised two successful adult sons (also Cape graduates),  Bill Downs has the business savvy and common sense our school board needs to use our educational resources wisely and efficiently.

Bill Downs is not concerned about appearances, he is concerned about results. In every aspect of education, his bottom line is that all children in our communities will get the best education we can provide – without waste and without posturing.

Please join me on May 8  and vote Bill Downs for school board. Vote for a return to common sense.
Thank you,
Laura Willey-Brittingham

Becker has demonstrated abilities in Lewes

One of five candidates seeking a seat on the Lewes City Council on May 12 is Mr. Ted Becker.  He is not an unknown quantity - he was not an unknown quantity before being elected to city council in 2004.

Prior to being elected in 2004, he was actively involved, participating in city business, acquiring experience and knowledge and demonstrating he cared about Lewes. He has ably held this office since 2004, so he has a record.  His record demonstrates that he is fiscally responsible, working to make sure that we have the kind of services we need without excessively adding to the costs to provide those services.

His record demonstrates that he is a collaborator - internally drawing viewpoints from all types of residents within the town, and externally working with decision makers like the Sussex County Council and state legislators, whose actions affect what goes on in our back yard.

His record demonstrates that he is a forward thinker - anticipating both expected outcomes and unintended consequences of potential actions.  
A lot has been accomplished since Ted was first elected in 2004, and much remains to be done.  We need his expertise on such matters as protecting our perimeters from unwanted development and insuring that the development that does occur is consistent with our Comprehensive Development Plan and our core values; supporting efforts of entities like the Historic Preservation Commission, who protect aspects of our city spaces that make Lewes the attraction that it is for visitors and locals, alike; getting the library fully settled in Lewes; and being ever watchful that all the day-to-day decisions the council makes safeguard the qualities that keep Lewes the kind of place that we residents all treasure, depend upon and enjoy.  His record fully demonstrates his dependability in protecting and nurturing Lewes and further because he has always done so in the past!

You can make two choices on May 12 - make one of those for the candidate with a demonstrated record of success in confronting and addressing issues critical to Lewes and its future. Vote for Ted Becker.
Bob Hyberg

Safe Haven appreciates Super Fresh

I want to deeply thank the Super Fresh grocery store in Rehoboth Beach for its wonderful support for the Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary located in Georgetown over the years.

The previous manager and the new manager have let Safe Haven place a food box near the exit door with a poster indicating they support Safe Haven.

None of the other grocery stores have done so.  The employees and staff are very professional. Our area is blessed to have them serve us and our animals at the no-kill facility.
Terry Wilkerson
advisory chairman
Safe Haven No-Kill Aimal Sanctuary

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Posted by: Barry Wayne Price | May 09, 2012 07:40

Letters to the Editor reeks of boring, self-serving politics. The only correspondence that was relevent were Geary Foertsch - Rehoboth Beach comments about the so-called drug sweep. A balanced and intelligent response to and otherwise outrageous authoritarian terrorist act against our children.

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