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Lewes implored to form parking task force

By Chris Beakey, Michael Weider, C.W. Ehler, Patricia Kirby Gibler, Elizabeth Lynch, Don & Arlene Matzkin, Jamee Smith, Karen Wexler, J. Darryl Marker | Oct 11, 2013

Parking is a problem in the residential area around commercial Lewes.

A few of us therefore decided to conduct an educational campaign this summer called “Put Your Bumper Here.” Where there was space on the street for two or more cars to park, we put markers saying “Put Your Bumper Here.” If people parked their car up to the bumper sign, we gained about five more parking spaces just on our block.

The campaign has been successful. People are more aware of the parking problem, at least on our street. We came up with a way to vent some of our stress by taking action. Although the signs are now gone, our intent is still to raise awareness and take action about ways to alleviate this problem.

To be clear, we need to maximize the parking availability of space we already have in Lewes. Without a plan, we’re going to end up with some entrepreneur paving over paradise to put up (another) parking lot.

Therefore, we request the Mayor and City Council of Lewes set up a “Where to Park in Lewes” task force. Get merchant, homeowners and citizen’s input. Create a plan for additional parking availability around the metered commercial zone.

Let’s get real: the accumulation of more special events, more tourist draws and more amenities that we all enjoy have created a parking squeeze in downtown Lewes. Stop and think when you’re looking for a parking space in town what could be done to make the situation better before it gets worse. Let’s get creative. Join the discussion.

Chris Beakey and Michael Weider
318 Market Street

C.W. Ehler
202 West 3rd Street

Patricia Kirby Gibler
308 Market Street

Elizabeth Lynch
301 Market Street

Don and Arlene Matzkin
103 East 3rd Street

Jamee Smith
313 Market Street

Karen Wexler
323 Market Street

J. Darryl Marker
339 Market Street

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