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Life without parole is the answer

By Ann Nolan | Jan 25, 2013

Since 1973, at least 140 inmates on death row have been freed based upon new evidence proving their innocence. Some have been declared innocent posthumously.

Most have been exonerated by DNA evidence. These DNA examinations have revealed a very flawed system, riddled with problems such as incompetent lawyers, coerced confessions, mistaken identity. There are so many variables the system cannot be fixed. We must ask ourselves, how many lives of  innocent people and their families have been destroyed by government-sanctioned murder.

There is no evidence that capital punishment deters crime. The states that allow the death penalty have more murders than states that do not. Because of laws governing trials that may result in capital punishment, the costs are enormous, and many chiefs of police across this country would rather see that money used more wisely.

Almost all religious groups in the U.S. regard executions as murder. Some 128 nations worldwide have abandoned the death penalty. Only China, Iran and Saudi Arabia execute more prisoners than the U.S. We are in good company.

Life without parole is the answer. It is time to repeal the death penalty in Delaware.

Ann Nolan

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