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Linda Bodine, SRES
317 Rehoboth Ave.
Rehoboth Beach , DE 19971
Phone: 302-727-3737
Secondary: 302-227-4800

"Over 30 years of overcoming market challenges"

I consider myself to be a trusted adviser as well as a real estate agent. I am a conduit of information from lenders, government agencies, service providers, and my fellow associates.. I have sold homes at 17% interest rates and am presently helping buyers and sellers work with the challenges of short sale properties and ever changing lender rules and regulations. Last year alone, lenders had changes in their loan requirements almost every single day. From the federal government to local banks we have seen everything from increases in mortgage insurance premiums to down payments. Changes in FHA, VA, Fannie-Mae, Freddie Mac, Bond and Rural Housing Funding happens with regularity. Incentives from sellers to buyers in the form of price-reductions, closing credits, and more are reported daily on MLS properties Sifting through the information, keeping track of the ever evolving real estate marketplace is why 30 years experience is important. The information you receive from me will help you become more knowledgeable. And as we all know knowledge is power

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Selling Your Home 101, Part 3

Hi everyone. As we go through the house room by room lets look at the kitchen. Start by cleaning all surfaces and floors. Remove unnecessary items. Move necessary items that will distract the eye of a buyer to less prominent area. Repair or replace window treatments. Clean all windows and doors. ...
Selling You Home 101, Part 2

Hi Everyone! You have gone through your house and taken all the steps in part 1. Lets go room by room. For the living room/great room make sure there is adequate lighting on a bad weather day. Make sure all window treatments are in good repair. Remove any item that is not necessary for your ...
Selling Your Home 101

Hi everyone! Lets start at the beginning. Go through the inside of your house with a critical eye. Ask yourself if you see a questionable area. "Would you buy this house with this ______? I not, take the necessary steps to fix the problem. Next, go through the house and ask yourself, "Do I want ...
What is a virtual floor plan tour?

What is a Virtual Floor Plan Tour? A Virtual Floor Plan Tour is a tool that I use to get buyers seriously interested in my listings. Imagine looking at a home and finding that you can see dimensions and arrange your furnishings in the house just by putting your cursor on the floor plan! The ...
Home Inspection Day

Hi! Today is the day for your home inspection. You have a professional home inspector conducting the home inspection. I know it is tempting to ask a friend, relative or handyman, but do you really want to confront them if something was not found? In this case go with a pro. If you are buying a ...
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