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Listen to the people: No RV park

By Raymond & Andreina Crimmins | Mar 20, 2014

I applaud the recent editorial by the Cape Gazette, "Public officials must remember who they serve," which admonishes county planning officials for dismissing citizens who dare to take part in the land use process. As stated, this region continues to grow and the roads are becoming increasingly more congested and dangerous.

Comprehensive planning and zoning rules appear to be manipulated by officials in favor of developers’ wishes. Citizens’ inputs to the issues of this uncontrolled development are being rejected by officials - in an offensive manner. It is time our elected officials act as the tenants of our democracy - for the people!

Another recent example of the dismissive and pompous behavior of our officials was the Sussex Planning & Zoning Commission's explanation of their vote in favor of the Love Creek RV park project. They said the opposition was non-expert and non-credentialed in their testimony. Nothing could have been more offensive - as those citizens who testified described strong resumes in their areas of expertise.

P&Z sided, rather, with the developer’s paid “experts” - whose objectivity should have been strongly challenged. For example, P&Z asked the developer’s representative if this RV park would negatively affect local real estate sales activity and they answered no. This was accepted without any facts or statistics.

I urge the Cape Gazette editorial board to seriously reconsider their previous editorials regarding the Love Creek RV park project - where their position was a lukewarm OK for the developer. The high density RV park development - which is in close proximity to the Route 24 project (and the new elementary school) - will negatively impact this area in the same ways, and more. Traffic, environment, economic, safety, waste water and stress on infrastructure - these are just some of the issues that in other circumstances the Cape Gazette editorial board has condemned the perpetrators.

Sussex County Council will be voting on the RV park very soon - a new editorial specifically calling for a no vote would be consistent with your position on similar matters. Please revisit the Love Creek RV park matter - we (the people) all know this is the wrong place for an RV Park.

Raymond & Andreina Crimmins

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