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Love Creek RV park criticism unwarranted

By Larry Sullivan | Apr 25, 2013

Ho hum. Another day, another letter with unfounded criticism of the Love Creek RV campground. I have noticed that all the letters have the same tone of hypocrisy and/or bigotry. These same people who worry about increased traffic and the environment are the same ones who bought homes in developments built next to Love Creek and have contributed to the growing traffic congestion.

Where was their concern for the environment when their homes were built next to Love Creek? This is a resort area. It is a tourist destination. Tourism drives our local economy. If you don't like tourist traffic, you should not have moved here. And don't forget, these are tourists that probably would not visit here otherwise.

As for your financial arguments, you ignored the fact that permanent residents consume costly government services like schools, healthcare and other social services. My calculations show a net benefit from tourists and a net loss from permanent residents. And we already have a glut of approved housing developments that won't be built for many years.

If you look around, you will see we have about a dozen RV campgrounds in our area. And yet no one has ever had a complaint about them. If the Love Creek RV campground was already here, no one would notice. As for big rigs on our local roads, you hardly ever see one and they do not cause any traffic concerns. Every time I have driven on Cedar Grove Road, I have seen zero traffic. A few extra vehicles will not make any significant difference.

I live about 200 yards from Love Creek, less than a half mile downstream from the proposed RV campground. I have no concerns. I would not even know it was there except for all the negative letters. Since the RV park haters do not have any valid concerns, I can only assume that it is bigotry toward the RV lifestyle that motivates them.

Larry Sullivan

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Posted by: Greg and Terri Kordal | Apr 27, 2013 14:57

The overwhelming majority of those opposed to the Love Creek RV Park have stated they have no ill will towards RV parks or RV owners.  The opposition contends that the request for conditional use (zoning change) should be rejected by the County Council for a variety of reasons – which have (in most cases) been substantiated with supporting facts/arguments.  Bottom line – the opposition feels that this location is the wrong choice for a highly dense RV campground.


Regarding the Resort at Love Creek community – this development has healthy buffers to the creek, no docks, and appropriate storm water management.  With respect to the financial argument – the County Finance office provided the analysis.  It concluded that homes versus RV Park provided the county with millions more in one-time and on-going revenues.  Tax rates are calculated to provide the proper funding for residents – in other words, we are paying our fair share.


No traffic on Cedar Grove Road – what about the traffic for the Coastal Towing business, school bus stops, local residents and those bypassing Plantation Road.  Why the significant number of accidents on the windy, two lane road?  The traffic concerns are well-founded.  Plus – we all are aware this area is a tourist destination.  We knew that when we purchased our homes.  What we didn’t anticipate was a zoning change to allow an RV Park or other business ventures in this residential area.


Finally, sir, let’s refrain from casting aspersions about those of us who oppose this zoning change.  We have investigated and researched the points of our opposition.  They are directed at concerns of traffic, safety, county finances, environment, etc.  The Comprehensive Plan supports our position.  This is simply the wrong location for this commercial project.  This is not a “ho hum” matter.

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