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LWV: Restore civility on Sussex Council

By Jane Lord | May 23, 2014

Public displays of disrespect for groups of citizens on the basis of race, ethnicity, or gender undermine the foundation of our democracy. The fact that each citizen’s vote carries the same weight rests on the assumption that all people are valued equally, thus respect for all citizens is inherent in the democratic process itself. When disrespect defiles the halls of our county government, the very essence of democracy is at risk.

The tenor of discussions at recent Sussex County Council meetings, particularly in regard to the NAACP, not only corrodes the principle of respect, but it also intensifies a divisive atmosphere that impedes unified efforts to deal with pressing local issues.

The League of Women Voters of Sussex County calls on the Sussex County Council to restore civility in the council chamber, to uphold our trust in democracy, and to safeguard a democratic process that relies on respectful rational discourse.

Jane Lord
League of Women Voters of Sussex County


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