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Mahaffie offers valuable experience to Lewes

By Beth Heid | May 04, 2014

“It’s a very important thing to learn to talk to people you disagree with.”
- Pete Seeger

Lewes natives, Lewes long-timers, and Lewes newbies alike would benefit from the blend of experience and balanced perspective Mike Mahaffie can bring to the Lewes City Council.

I met Mike Mahaffie in 1992 in a carpool from Lewes to Dover for our various state jobs. (Could that really be 22 years ago?) My family and I took a few detours before returning with the magnetic pull of Lewes 10 years later.

Since the ’90s, Mike Mahaffie continued to forge a solid path in Delaware state government and local Lewes planning. Mike and his wife have raised two daughters who call Lewes their hometown. He has cultivated an understanding of and appreciation for the dynamics of local Lewes life. For a town that’s over 350 years old, it seems like an exaggeration to say, “Lewes has changed so much in the last 22 years!” If you have been here during this time, as Mike Mahaffie has, you know it’s true. Lewes faces increasing issues of managing population growth, development, land use and planning, and their related impact on natural resources. Preserving the best of Lewes, though, is perhaps best achieved by understanding how we work in the greater context of county and state governments, and how we can use others’ best practices. Mike Mahaffie brings direct experience in this arena and can offer insightful, contextual reference for city council and Lewes residents. I appreciate the willingness of all Lewes City Council members and candidates to devote the time and energy it takes to serve our city. I am particularly inspired, however, by the unique perspective Mike Mahaffie brings to the table: local and balanced, open-minded and analytical. Mike is asking to put his time, curiosity and valuable experience to work for Lewes - we should take him up on it!

Beth Heid

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