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Markell surrenders to Delaware’s criminals

By Jerry L. Mitchell | Mar 11, 2013

The Markell administration has obviously admitted its inability and unwillingness to prosecute anyone who actually commits a crime with a gun in Delaware. Instead, their preference is to add even more regulation on those who obey the law.

The bill introduced into the General Assembly which requires reporting a stolen firearm within a state-approved amount of time will do nothing to reduce crime, but will add another layer of the already overwhelming regulations to the very people who prove they obey the law by passing the background check.

This proposal is designed to address the “straw purchase” or buying a gun for someone who is not allowed to have one. Sounds like a good idea on the surface, but it is already a federal violation to do this. Why spend Delaware tax dollars when we have regulations in place which prohibit the “straw purchase” and should be prosecuted through the federal court?

Each and every one of Gov. Markell’s proposals attacks the people who legally own firearms; these are the people who jump through the hoops and pass an invasive background check. These are the people who prove they have the moral and ethical character to own a firearm, yet these are the very same people the governor and some in the General Assembly chooses to attack.

The governor has failed to address those who actually commit crimes against society, obviously surrendering to the criminal elements in our state. At any time in the past history of Delaware this would be a major embarrassment to any administration; unfortunately, this is today when we honor those who violate our laws. Today we choose to reward failure and punish success; what a shame.

Maybe it’s time we choose to address the real problem, proper and certain enforcement of the already existing law .Serious prosecution for those who choose to violate the law, and increased sentences for the guilty.

Governor, don’t add more regulation to the good guys and claim it’s for safety when you are not willing to address the real problem. To put it more bluntly, don’t urinate down the backs of the citizens of Delaware and try to convince us it is rain.

Jerry L. Mitchell

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