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Marriage not just made for procreation

By Harvey D Holthaus Sr. | May 10, 2013

I read Chuck Griffiths letter very carefully. According to his analogy, only persons who are capable of bearing children should be allowed to marry. This means when you apply for a marriage license, you will need a certificate from a physician stating that both are fertile, and intend to procreate.

My mother married for a second time at age 62. This gave her and my stepfather a tax break. I don't know what their marriage did to benefit society. They did spend 20 years together before they passed away.

My partner of 17 years helped me raise my two sons from a former marriage. We were denied many benefits because of people who are prejudice. Marriage is a civil right and is only religious if you choose it to be. This is why we have a separation of church and state.

Harvey D Holthaus Sr.

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Posted by: Thomas Adams | May 10, 2013 19:55

In his April 25 letter to the Gazette, Mr Griffiths explains that the US Congress provides tax credits to filers with dependent offspring because God--as recounted in the Book of Genesis--exhorted the human race to breed.  In Mr Griffiths’ own words:   “A Biblical translation commands us to ‘go forth and multiply.’ The government agrees so completely with this command that if you obey, you will get a tax break for each child.”  If nothing else, Mr Griffiths is at least entertaining.

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