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Massey's Landing Mobile Park is Worth Preserving

By Jimmy Wayne Yeako | May 14, 2013

I am currently a full-time resident of Massey's Mobile Park on Long Neck Road.  I have been a Sussex County resident all my life.  I have finally reached my goals of completing 20 years of military service and now retired from the State of Delaware as an instructor at Delaware Tech.  After 25 years my family and I decided to sell our primary residence to upgrade our summer home at Massey's to prepare for our retirement.


My family and I have invested our lifetime savings on this move, and now we are faced with losing our home due to the possible change to the land use being requested by the land owners.  I am asking for the Sussex Cunty Council to consider some of the following concerns that I have if land use changes are adopted.

1)  Many families will lose their homes while on fixed incomes and limited resources to make a move of this type.

2)  The increased traffic on Long Neck will be of great concern.  During summer months it is not unusual to see parking at the Massey's Landing public boat launch area completely full and overflowing on to Long Neck road for almost a mile.  The greatest concern would be at both intersections connecting to RT 23, Long Neck Road.

3)  Long Neck road has a history of flooding during extreme high tides.  My home experiences foods several times a year.  The last food was over thirty inches.  Seasonal RV owners could be caught unaware of these events and would not be able to evacuate due to water on the two low areas along Long Neck Road.

4)  Massey's ditch which runs from Rehoboth Bay to Indian River has very fast currents during tide changes.  This poses many potential water hazards to RV tenants who bring kayaks, Sea Do's, and small boats to the area.

Massey's Mobile Park has been a home for many seeking some of the great resources that Sussex County provides.  As a naturalized resident of this county, I believe communities like Massey's Park, White House Beach, and Pots Nets are a part of Sussex Counties' history and should be preserved as a mobile home community.

J. Yeako

Long Neck DE

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