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Memorial Day more than just first day of summer

By Thomas Nobile | Jun 06, 2013

The Rotary Club provided an opportunity over Memorial Day to thank my uncle, George Bell, whom I never met. Funds collected by this project will go to support the dreams of another generation living in the land of the free; not the home of the safe. Here is one of his dreams as pieced together over the years from other aunts and uncles. He wanted a family.

Aunt Rose and Uncle George were just about to start that family, but it would have to be with someone else’s child. The news of his death reached Aunt Rose shortly after D-Day, about the same time that she found out there was a baby for them to adopt. Probably every family has a story like this that makes Memorial Day more than the beginning of summer. Search them out, pass them along and remember.

It is difficult to know how many dreams are buried in France and around the world on our behalf. The torch has been passed. So, on days when your dreams seem far away, think of the lives and dreams of your family and friends that are unseen now, and keep reaching.

Thomas Nobile


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