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MIA - Our Delaware Congressional delegation

By Theresa Garcia | Sep 09, 2013

Our elected officials, Sen. Carper, Sen. Coons and Rep. Carney are back home in Delaware for their summer break. This is the time many other states' representatives are hosting town hall meetings to connect with their constituents and hear what their concerns are so they can represent them in D.C.

Where are they? They have been asked to host town hall meetings to hear the concerns of Delawareans. Response has been, well nothing. We the people of Delaware have a lot of concerns and would like to talk with them - Benghazi, immigration, Obamacare, Syria - to name a few.

How can they honestly represent us if they have no idea how we feel about these issues from both sides? They need to man up and meet with the citizens of Delaware, or are they too scared to back up their voting record?

Theresa Garcia

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Posted by: Thomas Adams | Sep 09, 2013 15:01

Really Ms Garcia.  Man up?  It looks as though you've taken a page from the Tea Party script book. It was Sharron Angle who urged Harry Reid to "man up."  It was Christine O'Donnell who called Mike Castle "unmanly" and suggested he quit the "bake-off" and put on his "man pants."


You might try dialing down the sexist rhetoric.  Accusations of deficits of masculinity probably are not the best way of fostering the useful exchanges of views that you claim to want.

By the way: I assume you were writing as a private citizen rather than as head of the Delaware 912 Patriots because your affiliation was not included in your letter.

Posted by: John C Klink | Sep 10, 2013 17:54

I was wondering the same thing. Where are the town hall meetings?

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