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Milton deserves positive water-system outcome

By Jeff Dailey | Apr 24, 2013

One opinion from beautiful Milton: For those who voted against the recent water system improvement referendum and defeated it – a majority of 10 Miltonians and Milton property owners – the defeat causes a year-long postponement with probable reapplication made to the state revolving fund this August.

There are those who would tell these winners that they'll have egg on their faces if there is a water system failure. They add insult hoping for added injury in my opinion, when they pitch this assertion: "There probably won't be any principle forgiveness next year either."

Some might say that this kind of thinking indicates the exact opposite from folks who prefer to look at all the possibilities, right along with positive outcomes.

In other words, should Milton reapply this August and fully inform the public on what is planned to improve the water system; should next year's spring referendum be well advertised and an E-Z pass referendum gets the thumbs up after once again, elected representatives and officials have truly informed the public, then perhaps a united town will be further rewarded with principle forgiveness from the state fund. Here is exactly what our terrific little town deserves and for which we can all certainly hope.

And as to everyone who voted – whether for or against – on that beautiful water-referendum Saturday –- congratulate yourself for having voted. See you around town at the Milton Friday Farmers' Market and other wonderful scheduled events.

Jeff Dailey

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