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Milton must focus on the candidates

By Jeff Dailey | Feb 16, 2013

Milton beware!  With the March 2 election coming, I am regrettably remembering another Milton election, an election when cowardice and rumor-mongering reared their ugly heads.

What came to be referred to as the "pink paper" was a compilation of rumors, half-truths and out-and-out lies.  It was shameful.  It was delivered just days before the election.  And it was an act of cowardice because not one of its authors had guts enough to put his or her name to it.  Doubtful that it was a group for the simple reason that hopefully, a group would have produced one clearer-thinking and mature individual who might have thought better of sending out and circulating such tripe.

Hopefully, Milton won't have to wade through any such muck this election; however, voters, do beware!  Focus on our two candidates.  Ask questions of them at either of the two forums. Listen carefully to their answers and don't forget to vote!  And should any muckety-muck go on last minute - whether the likes of a pink paper or some scurrilous comments made at a meeting - rise above it, see it for what it is, and cast your vote for the person you feel is the best candidate.

Happy voting!

Jeff Dailey

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