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Milton needs Newlands, an active mayor

By Ed Hoff | Feb 21, 2013

It's time for the re-election of Cliff Newlands for mayor of Milton. The reasons are many, but as the expression goes, action speaks louder than words. He and Norman Lester turned this lovely town from the brink of bankruptcy to solvency while his opponent never offered or volunteered any help to town hall, though she claimed at the Feb.16 forum he didn't utilize her. How would you utilize someone when they are not available?

I have attended many council meeting and she seems a bit lost asking the same questions over and over. It's frustrating to watch.

I don’t think it is wise to elect someone who promises not to be available during working hours. That is what we had during the prior administration and that obviously didn’t work.

I truly believe that cutting the police force is detrimental to the safety of our citizens. Having to rely on the state police with the time and distance they need to travel for a life-threatening situation is very irresponsible. This council put the cart before the horse in not allowing the IACP to study the need for a proper sized police force.

I have spoken with many residents and they will not attend any town council meeting. It is not because they are disinterested; on the contrary, it's because the Jones' group is loud, unruly, insulting and in your face. Our residents have a right to come to the meeting, but do not want to be subjected to this behavior. Councilwoman Jones need to step up and tell her friends to learn how to behave at a town council meeting or not attend.

The town needs an active mayor, not an absentee mayor.

Ed Hoff

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