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Milton needs to know about sidewalk meeting

By Pamella Bounds-Seemans | May 05, 2013

I would like my neighbors in Milton to know that on Saturday, May 18, from 1 to 3:30 p.m., at the Milton Public Library, the topic of sidewalks (and who will pay for them) is coming up for discussion once again. I would also like to inform or remind them that a few residences on West Chestnut Street received totally free sidewalks thanks to a federal grant from the “Walk to School” Program.

However, the grant money was not spent fairly, in my opinion, and it certainly was not spent  equally.  Properties on both sides of me plus Reed Trucking Company were beneficiaries, but the rest of us are expected to shell out thousands of dollars after a terrible recession.  And let’s not  forget about all of the new sidewalks that Mulberry Street property owners got for free a few years ago!

About three quarters of Milton residents have gotten free sidewalks, but the remainder must pay out thousands from their own pockets.  It’s just not fair!  A sentence in the town’s code was changed Sept. 8, 2006, during the Post Administration to put this financial  burden on the citizens, and it needs to be changed!

Due to a graduation ceremony in Washington, D.C. involving my daughter on May 18 I cannot attend this meeting, but I wanted my neighbors in Milton to know this before the heavy hand of government is laid down upon us.

Pamella Bounds-Seemans

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