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Minard comments are disturbing

By Nancy Berg | Aug 22, 2013

I subscribe to and read the Cape Gazette. There are two recent comments made by Cape board member Sandy Minard that have left me dumbstruck.

The first comment was a few weeks ago during the debate concerning teaching the Bible course at the high school. Among her statements was the she tolerates the teaching of the Holocaust. I was appalled by that comment - and frankly surprised that nobody in our Jewish community called her out on that disturbing statement.

When I was reading the recent article concerning the high cost to educate students with special needs (in residential settings) it made me irate that when she was discussing the rewards-based program that they use (specifically the bags of candy and treats), she compared it to when she raised a seeing eye puppy. I wonder if she has ever ventured into a classroom at the Consortium here in Lewes.

Tangible rewards such as candy are used regularly to shape behavior in students with autism. As a parent of a student who has graduated from the Consortium program, I am highly offended by the parallel she has made between my son and a dog. Perhaps before Sandy Minard speaks publicly she should think before she speaks, or perhaps, better yet, maybe she should stop speaking.

Nancy Berg

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