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Monday is Fun day at Millville's new small business Fun Fit Vibe! Offering Hope & Health through Strength & Nutrition. Ocean Office Suites where Central meets Cedar - Easy to find, Easy to support!!!

Central at Cedar, Millville, DE
38498 Reba Rd., Millville DE
Greg Mervine
Jan 06, 2014
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

38498 Reba Road, Millville DE, 19967 is the spot to come touch & feel the cutting edge of fitness technology…almost every doctor & statin ad on TV suggest when exercise & diet is not enough try our drug, our surgery, our quick fix…unfortunately very few people actually give exercise and diet a try.

As one of my clients explained "why exercise is out of the question"…"what?" I asked. You walked in, sit down, stand up, open & close heavy doors - you are exercising every day? Well my doctor told me to take it easy. Exactly what did he say? "Well yes I should exercise but … easily". Have you? Well no … so why would you consider drugs if you haven't done the first thing your doctor prescribed?

When you step back & think about it - my client had a mental block. When evaluating the hardest working guy at the gym is the guy trying to get his life back after a stroke…the truth becomes obvious. I should take care of myself NOW. And how do you eat an elephant? - one bite at a time. Ease into it. Allow your body to slowly get strong.

You listen to your body, you listen to your doctor, you listen to your chiropractor, you listen to your PT, you listen to your body again & we listen to you! Customizing a plan that will ease you back to an active life.

How long will it take to fix me? Well how long has it taken you to get where you are? Probably less time to get well. The key is to start NOW.

All of my senior clients tell all of our younger clients "we wish we would have started sooner, 40's,50's,60's,70's would have been so much easier!"

Call Greg at 302-249-8000 and we will get you in for a free, private demonstration!!!


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