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More Lewes development will cause flooding

By Carole Ash | Aug 14, 2014

My home is on Hoornkill Road which backs onto the Great Marsh. When there are rainstorms, many of our neighbors experience flooding. It is also the case on Harborview and Rodney Street.

We are very concerned about any changes that will occur to the water table when portions of the Great Marsh are built on, no matter what the developers say about it. It is our property that is in jeopardy, our homes, not theirs.

We can see how high the water table is after these past rains, global warming, a big storm...then what? Canary Creek fills New Road now, with the marsh as is.

Please, city council, take our needs into account when it is time to make decisions regarding development in our delicate ecosystem.

Carole Ash

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