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More needs to be done on cleaning up dog poop

By Mary Beth Palkon-Krytzer | May 17, 2014

Recently I have been walking the beach in Lewes and surprised on the frequency of "dog poop" there is on the beach. Our beaches are our treasures here! Soon many folks including children will be walking barefooted not to mention putting their hands in the sand looking at the gifts the bay leaves us.

It doesn't matter if it's fall, winter, spring or summer, it is the responsibility of the pet owner to clean after their dogs.

What I don't get, having three dogs of my own, is how easy it is to clean up after a dog on the beach. Unfortunately, I don't want to believe it's the locals who walk their dogs, but doubt right now if it is the "tourists."

Maybe us dog owners might have to be on the watch for those who don't clean up after their dogs. Maybe carrying a extra bag and offering it to the pet owner could be a easy way to help. There are times when you need another bag.

Is cleaning up after others the answer? Or supplying dog waste bags at each beach entrance the answer? Could towns even afford that?

Maybe we just have to rely on it being our "good deed" for the day !

The city of Lewes is a very dog friendly town, as noticed in the work being done for a future dog park, and dog festivals held here.

Signs have been always up reminding folks to clean up after their dogs, but it's obvious, more needs to be done.

Mary Beth Palkon-Krytzer


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Posted by: Tim McCollum | May 18, 2014 07:49

This problem is not limited to Lewes.  RB has its share of pet waste on the beach and boardwalk.  Dewey has dog stations at its beach entrances.  These help but irresponsible dog owners will be just that.  Our beaches are great places.  Their greatness is always threatened by the negligent actions of the few pet owners that choose not to pick up after their dogs. Same can be said for the butts left behind by irresponsible smokers.  I am on the beach several days a week with my family that includes two dogs. I have picked up after others!

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