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Nine hundred run DE Feet Breast Cancer 5K

Hundreds more do one mile walk
By Dave Frederick | May 25, 2013
Photo by: Dave Frederick The serious runners get up front and run for time; the other 700 just run for fun.

Mike Sewell of Smyrna, 43, was the overall winner of the DE Feet Breast Cancer 5K, chased to the finish line by  Paul Ecker in 18:40 and Anthony Romano in 19:44.

The women's race was won by 23-year-old  Alyssa Pietrobono in 20:18 followed by Lynn Knothe in 20:32 and Sara Kolobielski in 21:47.

One hundred and seventy nine runners finished under 30 minutes.

The middle of the pack heads out on the 5K run. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Ernie Lopez holds hands with his daughter Anna. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Dad is on his way to a stiff neck. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Rachel the Kite Lady's  new baby: "Wake me when it's over." (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Mike Sewell wins the race. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Alyssa Pietrobono was the women's winner. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Cape Principal  Brian Donahue, former nose tackle, wants to be a distance runner. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Matt Crouch turns out the lights on Steve Prestipino of  Apple Electric. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
David Infante and Jack Vassalotti. "What's in your closet?" (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
D.J. Jazzy Jeff Burnham, No.1259, is another nose tackle who gave up scrapple. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Mike and Kelli Meoli share a smile. (Photo by: Dave Frderick )
OH Happy Day! (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Shannon Sugrue and Matt Heite.  Shannon was part of the Sugrue-Martin team. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Mark Layton and Holly and two Goldens.
Terry and Beau Smith prepare to roll. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Slower runners were stalked by a carrot named Regina Lowndes. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
A circle of survivors gathers just before the race. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
This crew got lost on the way to a Mummers' parade. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Beacon Middle athletes and friends (l-r)  Shea Sugrue, Korrinne Lemaire and Katie Klabe take part in the run. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
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