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No knowledge of how political system works

By Patrick Williams | Oct 17, 2013

Mr. Armand Carreau of Bridgeville in the Oct. 17 edition suggests that we impose qualification tests for voter registration. He suggests that voters have demonstrate some understanding of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and how the political system works. He claims that there are internal and external threats to our liberty. He does not state what these threats are, but he somehow thinks that a photo id requirement for voters will help prevent them.

He goes on to say that the the founding fathers had a set of voter qualifications. Indeed they did, only white male property owners (or in some states taxpayers) could vote. Mr. Carreau states that there were requirements for success, education, or achievement; that is not true. Voter requirements are established by each state.

Without presenting any evidence that there is a problem with the way American voters conduct themselves Mr. Carreau is suggesting major, and I would say un-American, changes to the way that voter registration is administered. And I think that he would flunk the test for knowledge of the way that the American political system works that he is proposing.

Patrick Williams

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