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No more hands in my pockets

By Mike Irise | Mar 21, 2014

It seems every time I read the Cape Gazette someone else is putting their hands in my pockets! First it was the governor with his 10 cents per gallon tax, then he’s looking for a tax for clean water, then the Cape school district is looking to increase their tax and now Sussex Tech is looking to increase our taxes!

As Donna Summers' song goes “Enough is enough.” Did I sleep for a few years, just wake up and we are fully recovered from the financial crisis? It doesn’t seem so.

But let’s save the casinos $30 million? How about we use that $30 million for some of the other projects and forget about taxing Delaware residents!

Please people - it’s time to make some noise. Tell these establishments looking to tax us, no! Call your representatives, attend the meetings and just say no!

Mike Irise

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