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Not the Best Investment

By Bill Cullin | Dec 16, 2013

Some homeowners try to sell their own home, believing that they are as capable as a real estate agent of handling a property transaction. But according to statistics, only 8 to 10 percent of "FSBO" transactions actually close, and many end up in litigation.

If you choose to buy a home with a realtor's help, you substantially reduce your risk. Buying real estate involves more legal and financial repercussions than most people realize. Realtors are licensed and highly regulated professionals who are equipped to deal with the complex issues that arise. For example, if the FSBO seller holds your earnest money deposit, how will you as the buyer go about getting it back if the deal does not close? What will you do if the seller refuses to correct defects in the home or treat a termite infestation? Who pays for re-wiring the house if the electrical system does not meet current codes? What if there are liens against the property?

As a buyer, you have rights written into the sales contract. An experienced agent knows how to protect those rights while negotiating the best price and terms on your behalf.

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