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Nothing good can come from Bradley book

By Helen Gracie Sager | Jun 08, 2013

This is in reference to Ms. Ellacott's book article:

As I am reading the brief mention of the book written about the Bradley incident, I am disgusted. Someone who obviously has no children is making money and profit from a horrendous ongoing incident.

She loves this community? Obviously not. If she did, she would put this to rest like the rest of the community, and to forget it. This is why we tried so hard to destroy the property and the belongings. We want it in the past. How disgusting the whole situation was. Can we not just move on and not profit from this. I saw no mention of any profit from this “curious” woman going toward the victims or any group of abuse victims. Just another “curious” person wanting to profit from others who have deeply suffered.

Perhaps she should seek some therapy for herself as she mentions what she has discovered about her own self, and let this matter lie.

I certainly hope that this community stays out of the bookstore for this book signing, as she is taking credit for a horrific incident and apparently pocketing the profits. God bless those children. Thank you and God bless.

Helen Gracie Sager


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