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On the field of competition

Jul 07, 2013
Photo by: Ron MacArthur Students keep close to chairs waiting for the music to stop.

Cape Region schools end each year with field days. Fourth- and fifth-graders at Richard Shields Elementary School in Lewes renew the tradition by taking part in games of skill, speed, dexterity and teamwork.

Abby Derrickson is happy after her class wins a relay race. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Jame Zuber tries to keep water in the cup during a relay race. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
The four finalists take off in the finals of the 50-yard dash. In the race are (l-r) Gabe Bailey, Vinnie Street, Andre Currie and Kris Rushin. Street ended up crossing the finish line in first place. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Ivan Pollack has a little trouble with balancing during this class relay – he was not alone. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Anna Stancofski has her eyes set on the finish line as she keeps a golf ball from dropping. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Camp Steiner and Wyatt Fruehaff are a blur of motion as they race in the rescue relay. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Grace Hopkins has figured out the best way to keep water from escaping from the cup. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Andre Currie runs toward the finish line. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Vinnie Street gets off to an early lead in a sack race heat. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Jake Farrell is intense as he runs a leg in the baton relay. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
It's every boy and girl for themselves in a serious game of musical chairs. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Grier Calagione and Abby Derrickson get off to a quick start in the rescue relay. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Tyler Ware and Luke Johnson are neck-and-neck as they race to the finish line. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
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