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One of many reasons to not support RV park

By Dawn K. Benner | Apr 08, 2013

On one of my recent travels, I had the unfortunate experience of being in a long line of cars (17 plus) following a pick-up truck pulling a large RV. We were on a two-lane highway, wider in width than Route 24, Plantation Road and Cedar Grove Road, and the speed limit was 45 mph.

Due to the size of the RV, all the cars following it were forced to go 30 mph or slower, and all the cars on the other side of the road had to deal with the swaying of the RV caused by the windy weather that day.

Worse, frustrated drivers were attempting to pass the truck and RV in no-passing zones. For both lanes of the road, the RV had created a hazardous situation.

Developers of the proposed RV park off Cedar Grove Road indicate they have done a traffic study and want us to think that the traveling RVs will not create a safety problem. They also indicate they will widen the road to the east. However, the present high-volume traffic on Lewes's two-lane roads is already a hazardous situation, and accidents are frequent. Add massive RVs to the mix and the situation will only go from bad to worse.

As I view the many electrical poles on Cedar Grove and the other roads that will bring the RVs to the proposed project, I question how the developers plan to widen the road with all these poles in such close proximity to the road. Frankly, I don’t believe that it’s possible

To be safe and respectful of all drivers, an RV development needs to be located off a major four-lane highway. I suggest a location off of Route 113, a major commercial highway that would provide safer travel for those pulling or driving an RV. And this location would also stimulate the economy of Delaware and be a win-win situation for the advocates of RV parks.

In closing, I thank all those who have written intelligent, thought-provoking letters to the editor against the Lewes RV resort. The recent letter written by Steve Britz (Cape Gazette, March 29) outlining the many environmental dangers is excellent.

The ruling bodies of Sussex County cannot ignore these arguments against the park and must make a decision that will preserve the beauty of the region's fragile environment. Lewes development is rapidly getting out of control and the infrastructure simply cannot support it.

Dawn K. Benner

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Posted by: Barry Wayne Price | Apr 09, 2013 07:26

Point of offering an RV Park off a major highway is well taken. However direct access to either Rt. 1, 113, or even 13 is ill advised. No more direct access should be approved for any of these major N/S corridors. How is it that they are continuing to approve access to Rt. 1 (Royal Farms, Grotto's Pizza - Milford). Rt. 113 Redners - Milford on the Sussex side with a Stop Light interchange). No more stop lights on any of these roads. In fact the ones that exist (with exception to the resort areas proper) should be replaced with overpasses. We need a fast, non-stop access road to the beach. Finish Rt. One as it exists from Wilmington to Dover.

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