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Original Barnfire Pulled Pork

By PEPPERS | Jun 05, 2014
Jersey Barnfire Original Hot Sauce



1-pork butt 3-8lbs size for your crock pot)

2- cans ginger ale

1- cup Jersey Barnfire Original Hot Sauce (Click To BUY)

2-applesThat's it!! Less is more(:




Slice the apples up and place on bottom of crock pot

Put pork butt in then add the ginger ale till it's a few inches below top of pork.

Pour about 1/3 of the cup of Original Barnfire Sauce on top of pork and put on lid.

Let the slow cooker do its thing on low over night or for 8-10 hrs.

Remove pork butt and discard the rest.

Shred pork with two large forks and add the other 2/3 cup Jersey Barnfire Original Hot Sauce(Click To BUY).

I like cole slaw and pretzel bun's but do it up however you fancy!


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