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Phillips should resign council seat

By Ruth Draper | Sep 15, 2013

As I recall, in a previous article, Sussex Councilman Vance Phillips pleads Fifth in sexual assault case (July 18), it was stated that Mr. Phillips is a devout Christian. Given the serious civil charges against him regarding this young woman and as a devout Christian, Vance Phillips needs to resign his council seat immediately.

Ruth Draper


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Posted by: Thomas Adams | Sep 15, 2013 09:58

Ms Draper's recollections are off the mark.  The article she refers to, published on July 17 and written by Kara Nuzback, includes neither the words "devout" nor "Christian."


The Gazette has published nothing since July 17 on the status of Katelynn Dunlap's civil suit despite significant developments.  These including the setting of a trial date for February 2015.



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