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PHOTOS: Readers submit Hurricane Sandy pics

Nov 01, 2012
Photo by: Don Bland Car parked on flooded Cedar Street in Lewes on Monday, October 29.

Cape Gazette invites readers to submit their images of Hurricane Sandy to our Community Photos Gallery. Submissions that include captions and real names will be considered for sharing in this post.

Cedar Street in Lewes flooded on Monday, October 29. (Photo by: Don Bland)
Rehoboth Beach after Hurricane Sandy. (Photo by: JB Norman)
Severe beach erosion at Cape Shores. (Photo by: Dan Baxter)
Cape Shores beach damage after Sandy. (Photo by: Dan Baxter )
Wooden deck leans against a house in Cape Shores. (Photo by: Ed Zygmonski)
Catamaran washed up on Lewes Beach. (Photo by: Ed Zygmonski)
A piece of the dock lands in the front yard of a house on Arnell Street. (Photo by: Deb Griffin)
Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams of the Weather Channel broadcasts from Rehoboth Beach on Saturday, October 27. (Photo by: Deb Griffin)
Superfresh bread shelves on Sunday, October 28. (Photo by: Deb Griffin)
Flooding at the Rusty Rudder parking lot in Dewey Beach on October 30. (Photo by: Michael Brown)
Storm damage to Rehoboth Bay Marina in Dewey. (Photo by: Jill Hudson)
Dewey Beach after the storm. (Photo by: Jill Hudson)
Fallen tree on Market Street in Lewes. (Photo by: Susan Ritter)
View from the south end of Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk at noon on October 30. (Photo by: Michael Arant)
Sidewalk damage at Delaware Ave. (Photo by: Lindsey King)
Dune damage. (Photo by: Lindsey King)
A piece of the boardwalk covered in sand and rocks. (Photo by: Chris Carrier)
A surfer catches a wave in Rehoboth. (Photo by: Chris Carrier)
Flooding behind Urban Studio in Milton. (Photo by: Jay Tomlinson)
Flooding in Milton on October 29. (Photo by: Stephanie Harpster)
The Pier at Wharton's Bluff in Millsboro completely submerged. (Photo by: Chris Rausch)
The Ericksons skimboarding in their front lawn! (Photo by: Christy Erickson)
Rodney Street, Bayside flood view taken by Dewey police around 11:00 a.m on October 29. (Source: Diane Hanson)
Route One, just south of Dewey flood view taken by Dewey police around 11:00 a.m. on October 29. (Source: Diane Hanson)
The Rehoboth Bay floods Joy Beach. (Photo by: Vicki Sadowski)
Jim Sadowski ventures out to pick up some floating 6x6 lumber in Lewes. (Photo by: Vicki Sadowski)
The Rehoboth Bay floods over the Sea Breeze boat ramp at the corner of Salisbury and Dodd Ave. (Photo by: Suzanne Arant)
Jody Brittingham, Lewes resident, kayaks in the storm water gathered in his front yard near Canary Creek. (Photo by: Caroline Cleary photo)
Flooding reaches the steps of a home off of Cedar St. in Lewes. (Photo by: Tommy Engel)
The canal and the marshes have merged. Photo of Lewes-Rehoboth Canal, looking northwest from the Freeman Highway bridge toward the railroad swing bridge, with Lewes Beach in the background, was taken at 10:40 am. Monday, Oct. 29, after high tide. (Photo by: P. Schultz)
Owen Dorman of Lewes heads outside to check on his ducks, using a skate helmet for protection! (Photo by: Stephanie Dorman)
The Lewes-Rehoboth canal rises near the Rehoboth Beach drawbridge around 8:30 a.m. on October 29. (Photo by: Mike Firetti)
These Lewes trick-or-treaters were so sad the Fantasy Trail had to be cancelled on Saturday night! What to do with all that candy? (Photo by: April Betts)
Joanna Kolar and Darl Kolar dress as reporters, Sandy Storm and Harry Cane, at the pre-storm Halloween party at the Starboard on Saturday, October 27. (Photo by: Joanna Kolar)
A family receives a meteorology lesson at Lewes Beach on Sunday, October 28. (Photo by: Michele Walfred)
Seagulls are grounded at Lewes Beach as Sandy begins her approach on Sunday, October 28. (Photo by: Michele Walfred)
Seagulls fly over Lewes Beach. (Photo by: Alex McCausland)
Waves rage at Rehoboth Beach just before the storm hits on the evening of October 28. (Photo by: Margie Forester)
The ocean covers the beach near Swedes Street at 10 a.m. on October 28. (Photo by: Taylor Crist)
(Photo by: Taylor Crist)
Rough waves break early Sunday morning near Hickman Street. (Photo by: Frederick Schranck)
A lone figure stands along the sandy state line in Fenwick Island. (Photo by: Daren Criswell)
The river had already risen over Front Street in Milton by 10:30 a.m. on October 28. (Photo by: Jill Offidani Showell)
Kids' Ketch is boarded up for the storm. (Photo by: Alex McCausland)
Jamie Burk of Milford dresses up as Frankenstorm for Halloween. (Photo by: Patti Persia)
Don and Kayla Heller of Harbeson brave the beach before the storm. (Photo by: Don Heller)
A 7-year-old broods about the impending storm. (Photo by: Don Heller)
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