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Plantation Lakes indicative of growth

By Doug Parham | Dec 12, 2013

I live in a fairly large development (2,500-plus acres) in Millsboro where Rich Collins resides. I often chuckle at his asinine remarks about jobs. Let me tell you the truth:

My development is called Plantation Lakes (a golf community) being built out by Lennar Inc., one of the largest builders in the U.S. It was built with the environment in mind: all sewage flows to the town of Millsboro plant - my neighbors have often publicly stated they want nothing to do with septics. All storm water flows to fully lined golf course ponds where it is used for golf course areation. Not a drop flows to Bett's Pond which we surround on three sides.

The Lennar vice president just announced they are having a record year for sales - up about 130 percent from last year. He also stated they would have built even more homes had they been able to find folks willing to work. Some of the jobs are skilled positions that pay well.

Summary: this development is on track to be bigger than the existing population of Millsboro; it is growing very rapidly, it is environmentally responsible yet their own growth challenge is finding people willing to work.

I'm confused; does Mr. Collins live in the same town that I do or is he from somewhere else?

Doug Parham

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