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Please don't murder king's English

By Mike Rawl | Nov 22, 2012

When I was 9, a friend came by the house to ask for help with his homework.

“How do you use ‘I, me, him, her’ in a sentence when you are talking about two people?”

In a rare burst of insight, I suggested he just “remove the other person” and realign the sentence accordingly.

So tonight, after years of hearing way too much of  “Him and her
went to the movies,” and “Me and him went to dinner,” I hit the ceiling when a young reporter on a local news broadcast happily said “Her and her dog were walking ...”

Please, guys - our grandkids watch and learn to speak from these programs. They listen carefully to how people around them talk.

In a time when we seem to be losing so much, let’s respect and maintain basic societal norms, like the proper use of our language.  Or we may soon be eating at restaurants without silverware.

Mike Rawl

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