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Public should know more about proposed park

By Mike and Nancy Guerin | Mar 08, 2013

The RV resort and campground has generated many articles in the Cape Gazette.  Here are a few points we would like to bring to the attention of the readers:

1) In most articles the representatives of Jack Lingo Asset Management boast the RV park as a “destination for seasonal campers who would park their RVs or travel trailers during the season and take advantage of on-site amenities.”

However, in other articles they promote the "convenience" for campers being near the ocean and outlets.  In the last Cape Gazette article March 4, it was stated that DART could be interested in establishing a bus stop at the campground welcome center, which could help alleviate some vehicle traffic from the campground.  Traffic from where - the ocean and outlets?  Which is it, a RV resort for “convenience or destination”?

This goes hand and hand with their first hearing where they repeatedly used the phrase “our intent.”  It’s time for their “intent” to be made known, or possibly they don’t know what their intent is until the final decision.

2) Why is it that in almost all of the articles the “tiki bar” is not mentioned?  It is a known fact that most campgrounds discourage alcohol. Alcohol safety is a big concern in Delaware. The proposed tiki bar is scheduled to be right by the water on Love Creek and “hold approximately 50 people.”

With a campground that could possibly have an estimate of 2,500 people during the course of the summer a tiki bar could be a very popular place to be, especially if the RV resort is a “destination" resort.

However, as we stated above, Lingo also has presented it as a “convenience" location. iI that is so, then that tiki bar could prove to be a very potential hazard to our already crowded roads.

3) I would like to thank Councilman George Cole, R-Ocean View, for his request that the public record remain open for the following: to obtain a clarification on what is permitted in the county campground ordinance; obtain an analysis of tax revenue from other campgrounds; and ask Delaware Department of Transportation why the traffic impact study only considered travel to the site from one direction.

In opposition to the proposed RV Resort Campground,

Mike and Nancy Guerin

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