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Question arises over Milton Police Department

By Norman R. Lester | Aug 16, 2013

For the last several years, the Milton Police Department has been under attack by some residents as well certain elected officials. The budget was questioned and budget line items were arbitrarily slashed. A three percent increase in police salaries was frowned upon, as was expenditures for new uniforms, training, overtime, etc. That attitude effected the morale of the police department.

Fast forward to the present time. The town council now seems to be in favor of hiring new officers at the rate of competitive salaries in other jurisdictions, and we have seen a number of our police officers leave the MPD for positions in other municipal departments and others may follow shortly. So now we are severely undermanned!

The new hires and the increase in salaries and benefits will dramatically increase the police budget. In the past, there were loud protests against these increases.

What happened?

Norman R. Lester

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