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Questions arise in wake of Smyk victory

By Nadine Wick | Nov 13, 2012

Really, Mr. Steve Smyk is concerned about Marie Mayor's loss and his heart goes out to her (Cape Gazette Nov. 12)?  Why did he allow Jud Bennett do a smear email campaign against Marie?  Why didn't he speak up and tell Bennett to knock it off?  I have not met Mr. Smyk; guess he forgot to knock on my door.

What experience does he bring to the table in Dover? I respect his past employment as a state trooper, but what has he done voluntarily in his spare time to promote Sussex County for all its residents, knowledge about small business, involvement in local organizations; how many county council meetings has he attended?

During his campaign he had the opportunity to reply to questions from the Cape Gazette and declined; does't that make any of you wonder why? Maybe he doesn't know the issues! Are we in trouble?

Nadine Wick

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