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RAL Beaux Arts Ball is back

Sep 27, 2013
Photo by: Deny Howeth Exotic models greeted ball goers as they paraded past the horse stables to the arena transformed into the dining room. Underwriters for the event were Mary Ann and Mark Ronald, who graciously opened Belle Mead Farm for the evening. Hailley Baker, a student at Indian River High School, helped create the costumes for the models. Her face painting was created by artist Sherry Biele.

Hundreds of supporters flocked to Belle Mead Farm on Route 24 Sept. 21 to celebrate 75 years of the Rehoboth Art League at the Beaux Arts Ball.

Bob Zando as Bob Ross and Libby Zando as a Jackson Pollock painting. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Fran Hueber of Rehoboth Beach, left, poses with Libby Zando of Milton. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Rob Witsil and Sandy Oakley join the ball in black tie and hand held masks. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Proceeds from the Beaux Arts Ball will benefit the Rehoboth Art League Educational Outreach program. Shelby Scott is shown in a blue Vegas style showgirl head dress. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Walter and Polly Stark came as Van Gogh and a flapper. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Thad and Judy Hudson portrayed Vincent Van Gogh and his famous sunflowers. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
A palette of specialty cocktails was prepared with Dogfish Head vodka and fresh infusions, accompanied by hors d'oeuvres from Nage and a(MUSE.). A salad by Blue Moon followed with the main course provided by Nage. Treats from Cake Break, Edie Bees, Frank and Louie's, Root Gourmet, The Point and Touch of Italy ended the repast. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
This group of Greek gods and godesses poses after winning best costume themed table. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Avery, right, Maci Silicato and Jackie Cannon sweep the red carpet for the revelers. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Bryan Hoffman, left and Jim Lonsdale parade as The Playboys next door. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Picasso and his Muse. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
The costume parade. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Mary Ann and Mark Ronald accept a painting by Michele Byrne as an appreciation from RAL. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Chick Leasure as The Munchin, part of the winning couple award. (Harriett Leasure was the wicked witch) (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Francis Huber accepts his award for best individual costume. He created this years ago for another Beaux Ball. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Andy and Stephanie Johnson are Monet and Monet's Garden. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
The entry path was adorned with models, this is is Evil Eve. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Models designed by Lili Kohr pose in character. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Lili Kohr, created the visual spectacle at the Beaux Art Ball, with her unmasked is Margaret Reyes who posed as ganesh. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Lori Schell wears her best Roy Lichtenstein. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Revelers were greeted with a palatte of custom cocktails and models dressed in costume. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Peter Antolini brings back the horse head from the '50s era Beaux Ball. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
A group of models poses and takes photos for the RAL social media sites. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
The Jelly fish lanterns provided the glow during cocktail hour. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
(l-r) Don Joint, Kay Hickman, Charles Plante, Kate Fisher gather at their table before dinner is served. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Ganesh greeted guests in the entry hallway. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Becky and Dennis Forney arrive as Freda Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Sherry Biele paints a mask on Don Joint. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Kate Fisher has her mask painted on by Artist Sherry Biele. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
The greek gods and godesses enter the building and are greeted by the Indian chief (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
David Humes takes a bite of Evil Eve's apple. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
David and Lawrence Lasher-Pennington came as Eliza Doolittle and Colonel Pickering. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
David and Lawrence Lasher-Pennington dressed as Eliza Doolittle and Colonel Pickering. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Attendees dance at the Beaux Ball in the transformed horse barn complete with an imported chandelier. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Rob Witsil and Sandy Oakley cut the rug to Remedy. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Mark Ronald (l-r) talks about the transformation of the barn while Ginny Daley and Mary Ann Ronald laugh along. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Gary and Anne Hannah came as Peter and Agnes Marsh. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Modern Day Cinderella Theresa Williams and Shuron Douglas won the free ticket to the Beaux Arts Ball. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Ginny Daly, Beaux Arts Ball co-chair, right, channels a modern day Mrs. Corkran while posing with 'chandelier' Jessica Stevenson. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
A caricature artist captures the characters. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
The butterfly flutter pose at the entry. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Bride and groom flaunt their long lasting love. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Birds of a feather, Tom Evans and Sturges Dodge wear intricate masks from Greece. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Shown are a painted and sponge coifed Drexel Davison, (l-r), Charles Plante and channeling Paula Dean is Rich Barnett. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Rose Murray, RAL development manager photographs Kathleen Schell and Ivana Biela. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Francis Hueber accepts his award for his Macramé costume. Hueber has been involved at RAL for many decades and wore this costume to one of the old Beaux Arts Balls. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
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