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RAL Salon: Art of Movement

Robert Sessa and Tom Beall home
123 Cornwall Road, RBYCC
Rose Murray
Jun 26, 2014
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Robert Sessa and Tom Beall will host the June Salon in their Rehoboth Beach home. The Salon will explore the healing art of movement through the artful forms of Yoga and Tai Chi. Kate Fitgerald, owner of Involution Yoga in Lewes, will explain and demonstrate how yoga promotes the integration of the mind/body/sprit with the understanding of self. Susan Hamadock, founder and Director of Silver Lotus Training Institute, will discuss and demonstrate the essential principles of Tai Chi which include mind integrated with the body, fluidity of the movements; control of breathing and mental concentration.

tickets are $50 per person - includes appetizers and refreshments

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