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Raw milk should be available to public

By Patricia P. Rockett | Jun 30, 2013

I'm so glad to hear the news about the possibility of having raw milk available. It is time for doctors and the public to know the negative aspects of pasteurized milk. Pasteurized milk involves cooking the milk so that the calcium is cooked and cannot be absorbed to the benefit of the body. It, therefore, goes to the joints of the body and forms arthritis houses for the arthritis germs. This is one of the reasons why Americans are full of arthritis.

In the 1930s, the dairy industry effected legislation regarding the dangers of raw milk and scared the doctors and the public into using only pasteurized milk. Only little town dairies were free to make raw milk available to the public. It is hoped that proper cautions will be taken to keep the raw milk healthy for us.

Thank you for the chance to tell all of you the background of milk.

Patricia P. Rockett

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