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Reader agrees with Route 9 assessment

By Mary Ann Hughes | Nov 13, 2013

Wow Dennis Forney, your article in a recent edition said it all. I was so glad someone laid it on the line.

Anyone traveling east or west and wanting to make a left-hand turn onto Route 5 does it at great risk. That intersection is an accident looking for a happening. What I don't understand is why DelDOT couldn't make the east/west lights the same was as they did for the north/south lights. I wonder also what prompted those lights to be installed with no notice.

Am I the only one with these thoughts? A previous article stated (If I read it correctly) the intersection at Route 5/9 would be addressed in 2017. What's wrong with this picture?

A four-way light system is what is needed now, not after someone loses their life.

Mary Ann Hughes

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