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Recent letter smacks of meanness

By Elizabeth Lackus | Jan 16, 2014

Regarding an editorial in the Jan. 7 edition, my response to Mr. Steele’s attack on Mr. Dailey is to wonder what kind of publication the Cape Gazette wishes to be? Do readers want to be informed of issues with facts and stimulating thoughts and solutions, or to be entertained by personal attacks? At some point personality may enter into discussion...but in rereading that letter, the gist one comes away with is not primarily the issues raised, but instead, the meanness the message is wrapped in.

Cape Gazette, what is your priority? Where is your editorial largess? To be sure, you will respond with some pithy defense, but you know that readers can detect the true intent of what is written and allowed to be printed. You will continue to sell papers, as there is a relative paucity of regional competitors. But you can resume publishing a paper imbued with consistent integrity, as I have observed in the past. This would be most welcome.

Elizabeth Lackus

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