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Reflections on Cape Region institutions

By D. Albert Doherty | Jan 18, 2013

Having lived here in Sussex County for 24 years I feel have qualified to give you my 2013 thoughts (predictions?).

• Fredman will continue to follow Cape sports with a passion that we all need to admire and embrace. I only hope the Cape kids realize how lucky they are to have him.

• Dewey Beach people of power will never agree. It is comical reading their letters and thoughts. Think it may have to do with the number of churches in Dewey??

• Sam from Dogfish will have his picture in the paper.

• The Barefootin' column will keep its hold on being a true gem of Sussex County. Dennis has a way of making you feel and breathe what he is writing.

• More and more growth will continue to tarnish the beauty of this area. As a rookie to this area, I am amazed at the growth in my short time. My heart goes out to those born and raised here.

• School district residents hopefully will realize how important David Robinson is to the district. He in one year accomplished more than any of the three previous leaders. He will be a vital component of any school construction.

• The sands of our beautiful beaches will come and go as nature feels it wants to do. We, as mortals, will never solve this.

• People will cry for less government until they need help.They then will blame government.

• The Sugrue brothers will continue their Midas touch with all of their food establishments. Visit any of their restaurants and you will see.

• The Jusst Sooup Ministry will get all approvals needed to continue their wonderful work in providing for others.

• Parking in Rehoboth will be an issue.

• State government will get it right in allowing service organizations to continue having machines of chance in their establisments.

• Cape schools will continue to be in the top of all statewide school rankings.This is a direct result of extremely talented and dedicated teaches doing exemplary work in a sea of change.Thank a teacher !!

• Hopefully we will all realize how fortunate we are to live in this area in the greatest country in the world. (No matter what you hear on the local radio.)

D. Albert Doherty

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Posted by: Barry Wayne Price | Jan 23, 2013 09:35

Very nice D. I agree with all but one exception. I'm afraid that gambling for service organizations will be a heated debate with results favoring the current 'owners' of games of chance in Delaware. I hope I'm wrong.

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