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Rehoboth Beach Yoga
Contact: Terry Gardner
20245 Bay Vista Rd.
Unit 101
Rehoboth Beach, De. 19971
Phone: 302-226-7646

Rehoboth Beach Yoga adds 7:30AM  Classes.

Check out our new class schedule, we have added some new times and we now have 10 classes per week. Join us and feel better!

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Chakra Saturday - The Sixth Chakra, Ajna

The Sanskrit word Ajna, assigned to the sixth Chakra, translates as “to know or to perceive.” This chakra is said to affect our capacity to think and reason, the center of our higher wisdom. Located at the center of the brow, its energy is to aid in the awakening or stimulating a vision of what ...
Asana Friday - Hasta Padasana

Hasta Padasana, hand / foot. A standing stretch from the feet through the hands. Lengthening the body upwards and downwards all at the same time. This pose does not necessarily release spinal tension, rather it effects the upward moving energy in the body. This upward energy is joyful, if you ...
Thankful Thursday - Student comments

“How you do anything is how you do everything.” When I first read the above quote, I could feel the electricity of truth zing through my entire body. How I do the dishes is how I handle relationships and vice-versa. Carefully, gently, or in a rush? How I react to summer traffic on Route 1 is how ...
Wandering Wednesday - Tuscany

A view of the beautiful gardens at Verrazano's Castle in the heart of Chianti. We toured the very old winery, with its ancient oak kegs still in use and enjoyed a wonderful lunch for 20 in the beautiful dining hall. A tour of the old town, the church and museum and the Rehoboth Beach Garden, ...
Tuesday with Terry - The quiet mind

Many times, when I sit down to write, my mind is blank. I have no great ideas to talk about. I can think of nothing, no subject of interest. Fortunately, as a long time yoga student, I know this is a good thing. No need to be worried, simply wait a bit. This is the best state of mind for a new ...

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