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Rehoboth Beach Yoga
Contact: Terry Gardner
20245 Bay Vista Rd.
Unit 101
Rehoboth Beach, De. 19971
Phone: 302-226-7646

Rehoboth Beach Yoga adds 7:30AM  Classes.

Check out our new class schedule, we have added some new times and we now have 10 classes per week. Join us and feel better!

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Tuesdays with Terry - Breathe

Sometimes, all we need to do is breathe. I love to have this reminder around me, because most often we forget to really breathe. Take a deeper breath right now and notice the difference. And then take two more. Remind yourself of this life-giving practice, to be aware of your breathing. Most of ...
Meditation Monday with Sandy - Power of the Mind

First let us focus on the power of our mind and how the power of mantra can actually quiet and calm the mind. As Swami Nirmalananda states in her translation of an ancient yoga sutra: The individual experience consist of mind. Your mind is wonderful – you couldn’t get along without it – it is ...
Inspiration Sunday - The yoga of transition.

Yoga has quite a bit to say about death. It’s natural, inevitable, and is a sacred life event that incurs grace. I met my longest lifetime friend, Lisa, when I was 5 years old. She and my little sister were three. My sister said, when she saw her for the first time, “Oh! There you are.” We had ...
Chakra Saturday - The Fourth Chakra, Anahata

Anahata translates as whole or unbroken. This is the Heart center chakra. It is self acceptance that allows the space to open up to non-judgement of self and others. The inner dialog or self talk relating to compassion creates a flow of loving energy. Yoga poses that release compression behind ...
Asana Friday - Pawanmuktasana, alternate leg pose

Alternate leg is an easy pose, that most everyone can do. It directly effects the muscles connected to the tailbone, at the very base of the spine. It can be used to relieve, tailbone and low back pain. This pose is also very effective at quieting the mind. I often use this pose in the middle of ...

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