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Rehoboth Beach Yoga
Contact: Terry Gardner
20245 Bay Vista Rd.
Unit 101
Rehoboth Beach, De. 19971
Phone: 302-226-7646

The Rehoboth Beach Yoga studio was founded in 2000.  Terry Gardner, director of the center, is a certified Svaroopa® yoga teacher. All teachers at the center are certified with the Master Yoga Foundation and the National Yoga Alliance.


Sunday 10 am with Terry

Monday 9 am with Terry

Monday 5 pm with Sandy

Tuesday 7:30 am with Michele

Thursday 9 am with Terry

Thursday 6 pm* with Terry

Friday 7:30 am with Michele

Friday 10 am with Mary Jean

Saturday 10 am with Michele

*deeper -an intermediate and advanced level class that creates deeper changes in the body for a deeper meditative experience.  A practice of six months in this style and a home practice required to join.


Walk- ins - $20

4 Classes $70 (to be used within 5 weeks)

8 Classes $130 (to be used within 10 weeks)

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Wandering Wednesday - Tulum, Mexico

This is Tulum, Mexico on the Yukatan Penninsula, known as the Mayan Reviera. The view is from the dining hall of Maya Tulum Yoga Retreat and Spa. For the past ten years, Kim Abplanalp, RYT, CSYT and Terry Gardner, RYT, CSYT, have taken students to this magical paradise for a week of twice daily ...
Tuesday with Terry - What is Svaroopa® Yoga?

Svaroopa® yoga improves flexibility and mental clarity, reduces stress, eases pain and promotes a sense of inner peace. This style of yoga decompresses the vertebrae of the spine by gently moving through a series of poses. Each pose releases tension in the muscles of the spine and joints in all ...
Meditation Monday with Mati - The Busy Mind

“Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It is a way of entering into the quiet. It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there - buried under the 50,000 thoughts the average person thinks every day.” - Deepak Chopra All the practices of yoga are to quiet your mind. ...
Stillness Sunday - The joy of Being

“People believe themselves to be dependent on what happens for their happiness, that is to say, dependent on form. They don’t realize that what happens is the most unstable thing in the universe. It changes constantly. They look upon the present moment as either marred by something that has ...
Chakra Saturday - The 7th Chakra, Sahaswara

The 7th Chakra, located at the top of the head, is named Sahaswara, which translates as “thousand petal lotus flower.” The ancient drawings depict this lotus as the top of the head, connecting us with our soul nature, offering self-realization through clarity of thought. Meditation practice is ...
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