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Rehoboth Beach Yoga
Contact: Terry Gardner
20245 Bay Vista Rd.
Unit 101
Rehoboth Beach, De. 19971
Phone: 302-226-7646

The Rehoboth Beach Yoga studio was founded in 2000.  Terry Gardner, director of the center, is a certified Svaroopa® yoga teacher. All teachers at the center are certified with the Master Yoga Foundation and the National Yoga Alliance.


Sunday 10 am with Terry

Monday 9 am with Terry

Monday 5 pm with Sandy

Tuesday 7:30 am with Michele

Thursday 9 am with Terry

Thursday 6 pm* with Terry

Friday 7:30 am with Michele

Friday 10 am with Mary Jean

Saturday 10 am with Michele

*deeper -an intermediate and advanced level class that creates deeper changes in the body for a deeper meditative experience.  A practice of six months in this style and a home practice required to join.


Walk- ins - $20

4 Classes $70 (to be used within 5 weeks)

8 Classes $130 (to be used within 10 weeks)

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Meditation Monday with Sandy - Daily Practice

Many articles have been written underscoring how important it is to have a daily meditative practice in your life – both to reduce stress and to improve your overall health and well being. There are five elements to instituting an optimum meditation practice. They are time, place, preparation, ...
Stillness Sunday - Breathe is the power

“Breath is the power behind all things. Your breath doesn’t know how old you are; it doesn’t know what you can’t do. If I’m feeling puzzled or my mind is telling me I’m not capable of something, I breathe in and know that good things will happen.” - Tao Porchon-Lynch In the beginning, of our ...
Inspiration Saturday - Living fully

"Living fully requires a return to the looseness that predates our first breath to an untroubled trust that we are supported by a universe that has no interest in hurting us, only in teaching us to dance." - Martha Beck This quote is from her new book, "The Martha Beck Collection.: Essays for ...
Asana Friday - Sukasana twist

Seated twist in Sukasana, or easy pose. Twists help to quiet the mind as well as decompress the spine. When the spine is straight and relaxed, and arm strength is used to twist the spine, the mind is drawn inward. The vertebrae between the ribs are released and create what is called “a Heart ...
Thankful Thursday - Student comments

“How you do anything is how you do everything.” When I first read the above quote, I could feel the electricity of truth zing through my entire body. How I do the dishes is how I handle relationships and vice-versa. Carefully, gently, or in a rush? How I react to summer traffic on Route 1 is how ...
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