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Rehoboth to install 170 nonsmoking signs

By Ryan Mavity | Apr 30, 2014
Photo by: Ryan Mavity

Rehoboth Beach — Rehoboth Beach officials unveiled signs and plans to educate the public about the city's smoking ban for the beach, Boardwalk and at the Bandstand, set to begin Thursday, May 15.

Commissioner Stan Mills said 170 signs will be placed throughout the city designating smoke-free areas and smoking areas along the beach. Mills said because there are so many, the signs are small, with the words ‘No Smoking’ highlighted in red.

Signs will be placed at the Boardwalk street ends, at park entrances and on the lifeguard stands. The city is still waiting for approval from Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control to erect 20 wooden posts for signs designating smoking areas.

The signs range in size from 6-by-10 inches to larger 18-by-24 inches for the designated smoking areas.

Mills said that, as the public becomes educated on where smoking is and is not permitted, the city could reduce the number of signs. Mills said materials about the smoking ban also will be included in the city’s parking and walking guide.


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Posted by: Tim McCollum | Apr 30, 2014 09:23

I am more concerned with the 4522 square feet of beach that will be utilized as an ashtray by the smoking public. That area can hold a lot of butts.

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