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Rehoboth violating U.S. Constitution

By George Chaconis | Jul 12, 2013

There is a disturbing message coming from City Hall - Rehoboth seems to ignore the U.S. Constitution at its discretion. Or is this simply blindness, lack of forethought, sloppy homework, or not caring?


The two recent examples include first, trampling resident scooter owners' 14th Amendment right to “equal protection of laws” by denying them without charge, a seasonal nontransferable permit for parking on an unmetered street for their motor scooters.


Rehoboth fights the lawsuit, attempting to get it thrown out. This opposition to a fix is chosen instead of the many well-articulated alternatives, well publicized in these pages. No compromise on this one.


Second, we now read of the city’s possible denial of 1st Amendment rights to New Covenant Presbyterian Church’s desire to worship on the beach. Again, are the blinders on?


Every resident, non-resident, legislator, and visitor should be concerned by these recent events. That or not minding leaving constitutional rights behind when crossing the bridge into town.

George Chaconis

Rehoboth Beach

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