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By Bill Cullin | Oct 03, 2013
When you own an investment property, one of your goals will be to get the highest monthly rental with the lowest vacancy rate. How can you accomplish this?
It pays to keep your property in good condition while you are trying to rent it, as well as after the new tenants move in. You obviously want the property to look its best when it is being shown. If you work to keep it that way, your tenants are more likely to feel motivated to stay in the home. 

When something needs to be repaired, be sure the tenants know whom to call to get the job done. Arrange for periodic inspections of the property to check for leaking roofs or pipes, defective wiring or malfunctioning appliances. If you are an absentee landlord, it makes sense to hire property management professionals to keep a close eye on your investment for you.

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