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Republican on board for Shirley Price

By Stephen Cobb | Oct 10, 2012

As the elections near, we are asked to decide who will represent the 38th District in the Delaware House of Representatives.  I am a lifelong Republican so it would be easy to just push the button for the Republican candidate and be done with it.  However, over the years, the issues and where a candidate stands on those issues determine who I vote for.  That is why I am voting for Shirley Price.

Shirley and her family are lifelong residents of Sussex County so she understands the issues that are important to us.  She is committed to bringing good paying year-round jobs to the area, knows the importance of improving education for our children, protecting our Inland Bays and waterways by working with the local watermen and industry to preserve our natural resources - not through more regulations but with a common sense approach.

Finally, Mrs. Price knows and understands the challenges that face the largest growing section of our population: seniors.  She will work to get state resources to our area and will develop a partnership with local and private business and leaders to make sure our seniors have what they need.

She is a dedicated, hardworking, compassionate citizen of this area.  I am honored to know and support Shirley Price for 38th District Representative and I hope all of you will do the same.

Stephen Cobb
Ocean View

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