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Restaurant Olympics battled rough seas and rain

Aug 14, 2013
Photo by: Deny Howeth Jenn Rigg, team Nicola, uses a time honored tongue  in cheek method of balance in the tray carrying race.

The Restaurant Bar Olympics, held Aug. 6 at Ruddertowne to benefit the Dewey Business Partnership, went off with a little drizzle in the mix. Three heats of six teams each presented a $150 donation and they competed in four games - tray carrying, dizzy bats, raw egg relays and kayak races. The Rudder Bar team was the winner for the 2013 games.

Sherry Kazmi, team Cultured Pearl, during the dizzy bat race, gets encouragement and direction from Jimmy O'Conor, referee and owner of Woodies. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Nick Fader of team Grotto carefully cups the egg in the egg toss event. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Tina Singles of team Grotto clears the shoot headed for the dizzy bat portion of the olympics. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Team Nicola brought out the cheering section repleat with "Keep Calm, Joan's Got This" shirts. Cheering them on are (l-r) Camille Caggiano, Suzanna Bermudez, Kelly Munyan, Janet Munyun and Nicola co-owner Joan Caggiano. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Team Rudder's Paola Rosas and Scott Johnson paddle to a dramatic finish in the kayak race (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Team Cultured Pearl (l-r) Vlad Popov, Lauren Schimp, Julie Garvilla and Simi Bogdanis are rapt with anticipation during the restaurant olympics. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Team Stingray's Lindsay Bauer keeps the bottles upright in the tray carry contest. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Team Stingray cheers teammates Erica Bader and Brian Ross to the finish line in the kayak race (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
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